This time I finally had a cheer.。

Han Chong was just squeezed into the tenth time in the last session.,This session is up to four times.。
This allows002The high-level and disciples of the Taoine。
Next,The first two hundred times continued to announce。
Gradually,The valley has constantly sounding cheering again.。
At the end of the end,139The name of the Taoizhi has been on the list three consecutive times.,Three times mentioned。
139The palace is like a thunderous。
Not exaggerated,This gods list,139Taoizhi’s last ranked troops,It can be said that。
If the summer is just a variable in the air.。
So, the other three people broke into the first two hundred times.,Is a performance of the potential。
There is one hundred and three roads in the fire system.,Two hundred before the fire list,A road average,Only one and a half places。
but139The Taoizhi won four places in one fellow,It’s amazing.。
During this period,The long and old frequently hope139Taoine location,God language means deep。
The first two hundred times announced,Inspection continues。
“Below I announce,This godfire list officially came to an end,but,The journey of our fire is just beginning,Next step,We are watching the five-year-old contest after five years.,I hope that the fire disciple can make persistent efforts.”He Barabara said a lot of empty talks,It will also lead to the shoulder and sound of this。
finally,Inspection is announced,“The gods list officially ended,Other reliabilities management disciples can leave themselves。
The previous two hundred disciples,Please go to the main peak ghitter。”
Sound falls,People on the viewing platform got up。
The disciples who came to the ceremony have also got the intelligence they want.,I immediately left。
For them,This godfront is full of。
Summer this black horse name,Will inevitably spread。
Valley also began to leave。
summer、绫 清 竹、Wang Temple、Tang Bing’s four people encouraged by Yuan Yi,Go to the main peak。
Not only them,Other Tao Palace Fangqi,From time to time, there is a relationship between it.。
Soon arrived at more than 20 seed players waiting for Xue Jiu Tian.。
finally,They are guided by an inspection,A hall walking towards the mountain。
During this period,The elders of the war are also peers with them.。
One of the old people walk to Xue Jiu Tian,His face with a smile。
He jammed,“Nine days,well done。”
Xue Jiu Tian stunned,And laughing,“Six division uncle,Game failure,Why is it good?,I lost my face this time.。”
The old mouth hooks a touch,Laughter,“Your small slide,Even I also want to be 瞒?,I am looking at you grow up.。
tell me,Are you ready to prepare?。”

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