I can’t help but I can’t help it in the summer.,Tremor,The red neck is rough on the sofa,Sideline,Struggle while dying。
Looking at the eyes of Chujiang http://www.shfeilei.cn jade,The twisted expression,Hurry and try to laugh,“Feel sorry,I just thought of one……puff,Ha ha ha ha……”
Not finished,His whole person is soft on the sofa,Start crazy。
Directly smile,Can’t help but。
Victoria has said,When she travels around the world,Huaxia has not found a country,Later in Qinghai,Title,Drashing the famous head,Later, it was more popular.。
And Chu Jiangyu is also fifteen years old.,It is also one of the secret lovers.。
Now the two meet。
This is completely a sad dog bridge section.。
Half half,Summer stopping laughter,But can’t stop smiling,Burning the fire of gossip,“Grandfather,Then have you?……Do you have……”
Say,He crowded his thief, did an extremely wretched action。
“Your child。”
Chujiang Yutu is crying,“I just saw her a few times.,Can’t say something。”
I go。
Summer http://www.guangzhou86.cn mouth,“Then what you are ashamed?”
“I just……only……”
Chujiang Yu’s old face,Extremely poor conversion topic,“Xiao Tian,You know the woman named Victoria?What is she coming?,Will it be a white little fish?,She is still alive……”
Looking at his eager eyes,Summer,Actually don’t say。
He didn’t know if he should tell Chujiangyu.,Only to twist the head very slowly,View the direction of the third floor。
He performed in the morning,Victoria is there to listen,The curiosity of this woman is not a general。
Dry cough,I want to talk,A sound line suddenly came from the ear,Summer has a good word,“Grandfather,I have been over for so many years.,Don’t think too much,Maybe you still lose money?……”
“Lose a loss?What’s the meaning。”
“Uh,no no。”Summer touched the mouth,Feel some toothache,Sorry road,“That http://www.fgkeo.cn is telling you.,I know Victoria for many years.,And I have seen her mother,Her mother is a blondnt manman,Although it is similar to Victoria,But that is thinking about blood relationship,Absolutely and your mouth
White small fish is not the same person。”
“Is this this?……”
Chujiang jade is somewhat lost,But soon accept,Smile,“The big world is not quicker.,In fact, even if you know the drop of white fish,I can’t do anything.,I just……”
“I know,Secret love,Hiche,It is the first love,First love is unforgettable.,Hehehehe……”
Chu Jiangyu nodded very much.,Subsequent,“Xiao Tian,Although it is your girlfriend,But I heard,You are still entangled with a few women.,rest assured,I am not blaming you.,Man,There are a few women very normal。”
Toned,He is lowered,“The following Victoria is not bad.,very good,You have to grasp it.……”
I rely on!Summer is stunned,Tight the dislike,“I won’t be with the old woman.……Uh,I mean,I and Victoria is just a friend.,very good friend,very good,real。Don’t worry about your father.。”
NS905chapter Emperor

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