Bullying she doesn’t matter,But bullying her daughter,She never let go。

Inexpensive still child,A five or sixty-year-old people actually speaking such words,She don’t say it.,I am very angry.。
“you……”The old Mrs. Tang is anxious.,The face is pale and ugly,Today, this is really a grave tomb.。
Son blames her,I think of here,Mrs. Tang Lao’s blood pressure is elevated。
The whole person is also sitting on the ground。
Everyone:“……”Is this going to play??
“Ouch!How is my life so bitter?,It is still necessary to suffer from this kind of thing.。”Mrs. Tang cried http://www.ncets.cn crying,Occasionally, look at it。
子 无 无 她 她,“Mrs. Tang Lao,You don’t have to do this,If you have sympathy,Will not tell a child?,Your one sentence,May leave the child for a lifetime。”
She finished,拉 书 恬,Looking at Lu Qiran:“Inexpensive,Although,let’s go。”
“Um!”Lu Yuli, holding a daughter’s little hand,Looking down at her:“Inexpensive,Not used in the future,Dad people teach you,Dad’s piano is very good.。”He has confident to pay your daughter.。
“OK,Father,I have seen the piano game for my father.,Dad took the first,That’s[my mom],I have seen it,Dad is very happy when you are young.,Brother and Dad grow very like。”
书 恬 can be happy,Dad teaches her personally,She takes over more than one other.。
“Ha ha……”Lu Yuli smiled,Bened by your own daughter powder,Hello happiness。
Everyone looked at a family of three http://www.fzscg.cn happiness。
Tang summer night seems to recognize Lu Yuliu’s identity,She suddenly opened her eyes,Silent lips。
Lu Lanran,International superstar,When did you become a father??
How can she not believe?!
“Ouch,What should I do??”The old Mrs. Tang is completely crying.。
Everyone is scattered.,I don’t pay attention to the Lady of Tang。
Go back on the way back,Dusin and the housekeeper,子 一 一 一 一。
子 从 梓 梓 然 梓 然,Can’t help but raise lips。
Father, two people laugh, no mouth,The atmosphere is warm and happy!
子 心 里 里 里,Spread towards the limbs。
“Inexpensive,Dad is not a father when I am small.,Later, there was a father.,Dad is also like a slut today.,Be bullied,Be over,so,恬恬,Don’t put it on your heart today.,OK?”
Lu Qiran knows that taste,Unbearable,anger,pain,Can there be solemn。
that time,They http://www.oasis-life.cn also bear their own,I don’t dare to tell my mother.,Mom is already very bitter,Don’t want her because of these things sad。
书 恬靠 on his arm,Blink a blink of an eye,In my heart, there is still some small sadness.,She low channel:“Father,Now others say that I,I am not sad.,If you don’t find my father,I said that I said this.,I can only look angry at him.,Because I don’t have a father, it is a fact.,No matter how difficult。”
“But today is different.,I have my father,I can refute it back to the bottom.。”
Daughter’s words,Deep stinging, Lu Yulin’s heart。
The scorpion has gradually tightened the hands of the steering wheel.!

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