“Strongdom,That big bow is absolutely five products,absolute!”

All people outside the ban are moving,Shocking,Wide-eyed,I don’t stare at the milky white necropsy。
“call outcall out call outcall out”This time,Three arrows are characterized by lying,Like three black dragons,Shake http://www.aicq99.cn your head,Crazy roaring。
Draw the sound of the void,Like nine days of gods in an angeled,Wanru’s endless complaints in mourning。
Du Wei’s eyes,The iron sword disappears in the hands.,Fast printing,I played a mysterious mark。
Both becomes blurred,漪 层 层 漾,It seems a unreal portal。
“this……What is this secret??”
Someone is surprised。
“Secret method similar to seal space,Taken the space law,Du Shou is too strong。”
“……”In a frightened gaze,Three light swords,But there is no shot.。
All entered the portal,Like dropping water such as sea,No swing。
But immediately,Three-way transmutable in the void after Du Wei,Get up。
“啵啵 啵啵”The three arrows are too fierce sharp.,I actually penetrate the red ban on the valley,Leave three horrible cracks。
Finally, I finally rushed out,Then, the rays of the three http://www.huabao88.cn groups were broken.。
“what!Even the secret law of the Duchow is unable to stop?”
“Don’t stop,But it was transferred,However, it also explains the strength of these three arrows.,It is the Duchow owner who is not willing to hard.。”
“……”Inside,Summer eyes。
“Space law……”He didn’t delay,Snack the green bow,An arrow is shot。
“咻”“咻”“咻、咻……”One arrow is powerful than one arrow,An arrow is more mad,Violent。
Nine arrows,Jiuxing,Jiudao Changhong,It’s like nine 滔 大 大 大,One wave is connected。
Ambitious,It seems to destroy everything block。
Du Wei looks,The brow frightened。
This time,No longer,It is a big gun in his hand.,Vertical,Eye-catching,Dancing,White hair,Creating a martial arts。
“Be……”“Tinkling、Tinkling……”Du Wei is worthy of super power in the late stage,Big gun dance,Domineering,Look like electricity,Open a big way,Only my alone。
Every hit,Want a beam,Chemical energy,Collections in the world。
not long time,The nine arrows are all made of powder。
But Du Wei is also forced to retreat.,Last to the edge of the valley,Next to the ban。
Just like just come in。
His eyes are cold and terrible,Cold channel,“Is it like this?,Your arrow is useless!”
Talk,Rising a big gun,Force down。

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