Wang Yuxin once said,Even in the environment in the martial art,Want to improve a small realm,It also takes tens of hundred years of work。

certainly,It is also different.。
Some people are strong,Need more energy required,Slow improvement。
Some people have improved slightly faster,It doesn’t mean that the strength must be very strong.。
Martial author’s body,Just better than a water cylinder,How much water can be installed,Look at personal potential and upper limit。
At this time,A man named Hu Cheo took a bad chapter,The gloomy face reveals a satisfactory color,Then it’s twisted to have a summer.。
“We don’t want to kill today,You are very fortunate。”
Toned,Look around,“Don’t want to go to the wind city to send death,Tell me now,is there any method?”
“What can I do?,The prohibition of the front is found at all,Just want to rob out, it is difficult to do。”
“I went to the wind in a month.,More than 200 people,Warm-up non-stop bombardment,Do not believe。”
“that is,When I got it, I grabbed the Guan Xu’s little girl.,Laozi has a hundred ways to make her yield,Hahaha。”
This sentence is said,The whole hall suddenly laughed.,One of the pole。
And at this time,A cold and angry woman sounded。
“A group of baubles,Allo!”
“Hahaha……”Everyone is even more unscrupulous.,Many people speak some filthy words。
“Guan Xu,Now give you a chance,Put us。”
Huang Ruo, a temperament,“It is not your hindrance that year.,We almost become a partner,Now I have reached a lot of life and death.,Meet your demand,Let us now,I guarantee that they will not hurt you.。”
Women’s angry voice is completely,Directly violent,“Hucha,You are less here,I only hate that I didn’t kill your dog.。”
Huuri is cold laugh,God distorted。
Summer standing outside the crowd,Can’t help but pick your eyebrows。
Guan Xu?
Lingxou owner?
He thought it was a man.。
NS3561chapter prisoner
NS3561chapter prisoner
Although the strength of these prisoners is in the middle and late level of life and death。
But it is completely a group of blackcomes。
Gathering in the lobby,Happiness。
With it, I want to escape and robbing,It is better to say that it is venting your own energy.。
Said that I’m running.,I have made out the evil things that I have done.。
But there are also a few more awake guys.。
A petite woman stands out,An eye,Face is pale,No sillet,It seems like a ghost。
“Allocate,Robbery……It is best to play this idea.,I have learned a few days of refilling,Contained refining of this large jig。”

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