He is blue,There are a few people in the end.?

Look at her,Also this,Is not willing to be unwilling。
Compared with Lu Hao,Lu Haocheng is a lot more than this man.,Unfortunately, she is not the hit of Lu Haozheng.。
And this man,I don’t like to boast it.。
Look at it is a gentleman,I have done a lot of people who have seen people in the back.。
She is not worth,People don’t destroy themselves。
“kay,Go to Lu Hao’s weaknesses。”
Hao Peng,She once I like Lu Haozheng,I must know that Lu http://www.gzballs.cn Haocheng is not a secret secret.。
kayOne heard this,Stunned,Why do you want her to find??
“Pepper,Lu Haocheng’s biggest weakness is Blue Xin and his three children.。”
Hao Peng Road:“Commercial。”
Is this not a matter of assistant??
How to let her do。
“how,Can you find it??
If you can’t find it, let him also witness。
Lu Hao is a wide variety of management,I don’t believe that there is no weakness.。
Thousands of miles of embankments,Do you not understand this truth??”
Hao Peng is cold,Have no feelings。
kayheart of,I’m angry when I was in an instant.。
He did what she used to take her.?
“Pepper,Although I am not so widely,But I will try to check it.。”
She is worried,In order to get the confirmation of this man,She will definitely get his recognition。
Only those who can walk hand in hand with him,She can hold this man。
Hao Peng looked at the assistant:“Song Assistant,Give him the list of industries under the Look Group。
I suggest you start with cosmetics,Lu Yao is busy in clothing design,It is not very strict for this block.。
Real estate Su Shengming has come http://www.miracleprinting.cn out again,You two give me this opportunity.,Play your strength。”
Hao Peng is strict,I will not allow you to fail in the future.。
Two people nodded。
Blue Xin sleeps,Can still feel very tired。
She is thinking about having a greeting with everyone.,Why didn’t I wait for Tonight and his daughter?,She can only play spirit。

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