All crazy floods to Nanming nine less。

Nanming Jiu Mini issued an angry snoring,He broke out powerful gods,When the Suzaku is vivid, there is an hidden,A more horrible power broke out and hit the horse。
The horror power of the sky is hit in the nine minus in Nanming.,Suddenly and the terrorist power of Nanyang,Outbreak of dramaticism。
This piece of chaos directly floods Nanming nine less,Nanming’s nine minus sounds a miserable voice。
The unbeaten figure of Nanming came to the next side of the sky.,A punch,Inglematics,With a disharmonic power,Fist, scarlet,Directly in the chest of Nine, Nine Nine。
“Be awkward!”
Nanming nine less bone break。
“Hell water pattern!”The sound of the yin 阴 阴 测 sounds,His figure is also quietly,Kill decisive,Point out,The strange black water pattern is in the void。
Directly flooded Nanming’s nine,Nanming’s nine ministers suffered almost devastating attacks。
The miserable call is issued again,Black water graphic dispersion,Nanming nine less booths in the Mi Zidian,Thoroughly lost resistance,Presenting a dying state。
“you……”Nanming nine is very unwilling。
“Enter the wind tower。”Lin Feng’s figure came over,Flying out of the hand,It is the wind tower。
Wind tower door open,Directly incorporate everyone,Lin Feng did not enter the wind tower.,It is a powerful enemy force,Looking for golden dragons and tiger kings them。
“Boy,Not looking for。”Santao people laugh。
“They have come here。”Lin Feng pensive:“Tomb,Help look for。”
“wipe,it is good!”Santao people heard the way,He turned directly between talking.。
Lin Feng also carefully looking for this void,These two guys are definitely in the nearby area。
Internal wind tower。
Wu Zokian,Yin,Nanming’s unbeaten three strong big sleeves,The sky is gone to disappear。
Nanming’s nine ministers, the saints of Suzaku family fell into the sand。
“What do you want to think??I want to see him humanity.!”Nanming nine less dead way,He is now completely awake,I know that Lin Feng is the top three strong people.。
“Rely on our owner!”
The figure of Wu Tengtian came over and looked at Nanming Jiu Yong.:“Send a blood loss to the owner。”
“what?Visit that person?”Nanming Jiuyi Wen said that it is fond of angry:“impossible things。”
The family is a despicable symbol in their eyes.,It is like a livestock.,He is a big 佬 佬 脉 脉 脉,Can you send a bloody mark to a family?。
“good,You have a kind of to do it!”One of the half-steps of a Suzaki family。

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