Summer people in half air,The figure is not from the direction of the autonomous input to the white flame.。

“I am dead,Don’t want to get the original fire。”
He is drinking,Just swallowing by flames,One-on-hand,Play a thing。
NS3601chapter Today, you can’t walk.
This object was hit,See the wind。
In an instant, a hood is formed like a bowl。
Fladder,Encourage the original fire。
With this secret life,Still expanded outward。
Centered on the original fire,Fangyuan 100 meters is shrouded。
Sudden scene,Let Zhang Yongnian and others have a large change。
They have launched their shapes,Go forward,Reached a near,Sacrifice sword gun,Bombardment。
“Hey……”Bowl of secret treasures,Scales a layer of layers,Guanghua flows,Huge elasticity。
“Small hybrid!”
Zhang Yongnian, etc.。
Immediately, I’m going to see Zhang Changshou that escaped.,“Zhang Changshou,Why don’t you notify me?,He also has this secret treasure!”
Zhang Changshi smiled,“Wanfu,I don’t know if he has this kind of secret.,Moreover,I have been driving a positioning and broadcasting array,You are also seen in the eyes.……”Toned,Immediately,“Wanfu,It is now a roler to catch ancient times.,He just ran over there.……”“You a few……Do not,You are going,Zhang Changshou,You are also chasing the ancient,Be sure to leave him。”
Ye Qifeng immediately ordered。
These people are the fierce brought from Zone Island,“Yes。”
A group of people have a sound,Expand the direction of the figure to flee。
After they leave,Zhang Yunnian immediately waved the bowl secret treasure。
Summer is swallowed by the original fire,Death,The sword magic of the Gourd Valley outside the valley is not much,Most of them have been migrated。
Even if,They are also afraid。
For three people,No worries now,Constantly bombarding the bowl。
“How can a small secret tree block us?,Summer children are too late.……”Zhang Yongnie is clear。
Ouyang Qing and Ye Qifeng stared at the high white flame of one person.,With excitement and greed。
“If you will refine the original,So, the strength of our three brothers will skyrocket,And get an incredible magicality,Even very likely to understand the law of life……”Ouyang Qing smiled,“Three-teacher,When I arrived, I won you with you.,Creating a flow of wind。”
“Hahaha,At that time we three brothers,All is the city owner,Watch help,Fang Yuanwan,Let us snap。”
Three people are more and more excited,Sword rifle accelerate bombardment。
only——Foot over half a day,The three faces have become difficult to look。
Now they know,What is the deformed defense of this secret treasure?。
The strong people of the three gods sweats like a rainy,How much does the energy on the secret treasure have nothing?。
What more let three people angry,This secret treasure energy,It seems to collect the heaven and earth energy to supplement。
Just night,Another bad news。
More than a do not chase ancient,He fled by him。
“Summer children,hateful!Damn 10,000 times!”

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