This sentence is said,The last big man in the big man is lucky.。

He slowly stood up,The look is complex and looks at the summer.,Refers to the fingers,“Mobile phone in the car。”
“You are free。”
Summer smiles。
Dahan exhaled one breath,Go to one of the vehicles,I quickly took out a mobile phone.。
He once again looked at the summer.,Subsequently dialed Aiden’s phone。
At this moment。
Intercourse,Aiden face is anxious on the ground.。
His look is timeless and yin is uncertain,Time to vivo spicy,Something,From time to time。
“It has been forty minutes.,I don’t know how there is anything there.。”
Aden brows crumpled,Whisper。
His indeed cooperation with the Yarsa of the Horizon。
In fact,Just like the control of Wei Ran,Is the active finding of Elsa。
The other party is apparent from the careful investigation,Knowing that in the summer, I have killed his brother Gray.。 Just start,Aiden once hesitated。
However, with the opponent’s powerful strength,He finally chose cooperation。
For him,It’s just a small convenience.,Not what。
But if it is successful,Not only to revenge for your brother, it is so simple.。
His credit will be bigger。
Perhaps America can’t announce what,But internal,He will definitely become a hero。
Broken people in the world?
Kill the killing……Have a big part of the credit。
The premise is to succeed。
At this time,Mobile phone is rumming。
After seeing the above number,Aden is not happy,Hurry,Can’t wait for the query,“How?Successful??”
“Successful,But we have died a lot of brothers.。”
The voice of the big man。
He all made up with your own tone,He is very clear,Once the Angpentian is a little,Smash the play,Then I am still dead.。

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