Lu Hao nodded,Anatist:“Blue,do not worry,The child has passed。”

“it is good!”Lan Xin nodded,Still standing in the same place。
Ou Jing is not slow on the same:“Hao Jun,Alarm!”
Finish,She looked at Yuan Yuan with her eyes.。
Yuan Yuan suddenly shocked,Double boxing is holding tight,Pointer nails embedded in her palm,A silky blood is coming out,She can’t feel the heart.。
She shaken her head against European,Pray:“do not want,European secretary,I beg you not to call the police,I beg you not to call the police”
Lu Hao became a cool falling on her body.,Terrible expression,Can destroy the world directly,“As long as you say the truth,I can send you to prison.,If you don’t say you,Ten minutes later,You can go in.。”
“Hoot”Yuan Yuan shielded,She hates Blue Xin,Lady Group’s wife found her,Gave her a lot of money,I want her to stolen the autumn new product of the group。 See that millions,She is moving in an instant。
She thinks,Blue Xin just entering the company,Lu Gong will not believe her。
But she looked at it.,Lu Haocheng trusts Blue Xin,This is not Lu Hao’s character,Where is this wrong??
European:“No time is fast。”
Blue Xin also opens the opening:“Yuan Assistant,Enter prison and lose work,You can measure the decision。”
“I”Yuan Yuan did not expect that it will be discovered by them.,Haven’t thought about this happening,How to do?
Yuan Yuan immediately pulled Blue Xin’s hand,Cry and pray:“Blue Director,I’m wrong,please,Forgive me once!I am really just a moment of impulsive.”
“Impulse?”Blue Xin smirked with her words,Clear eyes,Watching her cold like,Tone is cold:“Yuan Assistant,Not the problem I don’t forgive now,But the design,It’s all painted.,I have children to support,I am every night.,I have to accompany my child.,Wait until they sleep,I have time to draw,Per artwork,It’s all designed for me.。
Now it is taken to Lu Yong Group,What about our Lu Group??”
Lu Haocheng listened to it and hurt!
Ou Jing, but eyebrow!She is so hard,He instantly
“you,you are married,There is also a child.?”Yuan Yuan is in some unbelievable look at her。
“What do you mean?What is I get married?,Have children.?”Blue Xin looked at her,She listened to this,How do you feel a problem?。
Yuan Yuan immediately regretted his practice.,Looking at Lu Hao Cheng good to her,She thought that Lu Haocheng is interested in her.,Because of jealous,She will be under impulsive,I promised Lu Lady。
and,She is not long to the company.,The design is only Blue Xin.,Lu Haocheng will certainly not forgive Blue Xin,But what is the matter is really serious about her.。
“Blue Director,I really not deliberately。”
“Not intentional,No ability to clean up,Don’t indulge your emotions,Living is a hardship,It’s so many people who are difficult.,You are a few,I forgive you.?
Immediately say that you and Lu Yu Group’s trading,otherwise,I will pursue this thing.。”
Blue Xin attitude tough,She is obedient.,Yuan Yuan wants to fall to her to sell Lu Group。
This woman has vanity,Vanity,No strength pay,Then don’t die to live!Final end,Be miserable than any time。
And this woman,Where is anyone else?,What is she stepped on?。
Designed is her rice bowl,Is her life!
Blue Xin’s strong moment,It is Lu Haocheng who has never seen.,Her hard shell,At this moment, there is a fragile kind heart.,His blue blue,these years,A lot of bitter!

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