“That’s good!I come today,First look at you and aunt,These two things I want to give back to you which baby you gave me”That’s it for Xia Jian,The sound is low。

Nalande’s face changed when he heard it,He asked a little unhappy:“What do you mean?Do you think the things I gave are worthless??I can tell you,This thing is worthless,Since you accepted,That’s yours,I can’t take it back”
Xia Jian saw what Nalandeping looked like,Then smiled slightly,The purpose of his coming here,And http://www.ltmingwu.cn this baby mortgage,Give Nalandeping a detailed explanation from beginning to end。
Nalande,Took a long breath and said:“That’s what people really want to help you。They are right,People you like can give two or three million,People who don’t like make it hard for him to earn 30,000。As for 30 million, it’s really impossible”
Xia Jian nodded,Open the bag,Which copper lion took out from the small box and put it on the coffee table in front of the Naland plane。
The old man picked up the baby and just glanced at it and said:“Yes,Which one i gave you。You put it away and take it back!It’s also a testimony of our acquaintance”
“I didn’t know that this baby was worth so much money,if not,I don’t take anything”Xia Jian said,A bit relieved。
Nalande looked at Xia Jian and said:“This is an antique,I exchanged a bag of rice with someone,So how http://www.fxccmy.cn much I paid。Now you take it at ease!”Nalandeping said,Put this small box back into the bag for Xia Jian。
It’s all for this,Xia Jian can’t refuse anymore。He and Nalandeping were drinking tea,Chatting,Nalanyu is back。
Xia Jianyi looked at his watch,It’s just past eleven,She didn’t get off work this time,Why did you come back so early??
When Nalanyu saw Xia Jian came,Very happy。She yelled as soon as she stepped in the door:“Yo!What kind of wind brought you here”
“Southwest wind!”Xia Jian laughed and stood up,Shook hands with Nalanyu。
Nalanyu sat down in front of Xia Jian。She has a white sweater,Blue jeans。The coat is a beige trench coat。
“Hey!long time no see,Feel you darkened and thinner”Nalanyu doesn’t care about her father sitting in front of her,She sat down and stared at Xia Jian。
Xia Jian smiled and said:“A little busy this time,Always running outside,So I get old and thin”This sounds reasonable。Actually it’s really such a thing。
“jade!Why are you back so early today??”Nalande couldn’t help but ask his daughter。
Nalanyu took a breath and said:“I’m going on a business trip again tomorrow,So go home http://www.zbqqgjk.cn early to pack up”
“Really,Do you have a lot of opportunities for a business trip recently??”Nalanyu’s mother said,Came over with a plate of fruit。
Nalanyu hasn’t spoken yet,Nalandeping has rushed to say:“Obeying the leadership arrangement is,What i missed。You should prepare lunch quickly!Mr. Xia rarely came last time,It should be ok to have a meal!”

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