Qi Yana drums,Open Hanjiang’s hand,Blame:“Your hand is dead,Do not touch me。”

“Qi Yana,gone。”
Look at the two people have a move that will continue to play,Bronia had to remind a sentence again。
“Do not worry,Give me a bud。”
Qi Yana and Bronia left,Start armor fly to Houburyan。
Han Jiang also determined the specific location of the buds,Flying to the direction of the buds。
“Han Jiang,Long-air market has never been previously changed,Two doctors don’t know what the situation will continue to develop,You bring the buds and come back.,Temporarily evacuate long-term,Station outside the city。”
As the crack in the sky increases,The light column in Dongcheng District, the sky is getting more and more crude.,Indoor storm is also increasing。
City Linhai can see the sea into a black black,The sea becomes the waves,Langao began to lay a layer of high in the middle of the city。
“The water level began to decrease?”
The top part of the Hanjiang discovered in the top of each building to jump to the rushing, the bottom of the building has been revealed.。
Time to jump to another building,Han Jiangyan fled a brick stone,I found many small pieces of stones.,There is also a lightweight car floating up.。
“I go,Don’t you take the whole city??”
First see this scene,Hanjiang’s heart was deeply shocked。
The light column in the city began to become a faint purple,Be unbearable,The slow air city that is slowly floating is an unusual dream in such a ray.,It is like a strange continent in fairy tale.。
Han Rong doesn’t have this thoughtful scenery without this strange scene.,I saw a few buildings after receiving several buildings.。
There are ten quantum shadows on the platform.,Enclose the buds in the center。
The characteristics of the quantum are unable to make the buds are very difficult.,In the premise of ensuring your own safety, it will not surround it.。
Han Jiangli opened the armor growth,Mobilize the power of holy marks,Exporting the power of world stone in the sea,All perfusion above the long gun,It’s high as a high feet.。
Han Jiang shouted,Let the whole body thrown down。
The large amount of energy carrying a lot of energy in the side of the bud,The gun tip touched one of the ground,Energy begins with a gun tip,Energy wave forming a ring。
Anything that is touched by the energy wave has been broken into powder.,Looking up at Hanjiang in the buds of the central center,Small mouth open slightly,Flashing the same light in the eyes。
On the one hand, it is shocking Hanjiang’s control.,Can packed up this circle of quantum without wave of her one point。
Secondly, it is the integration of the heart.,So long is surrounded by quantum,When she is not going to stick,Han Jiang is coming。
In the field of view of the bud,Han Jiang’s body seems to be blooming,Due to the http://www.baoding-machine.cn darkness of her body。
Han Jiang firmly landed,Pull up a long gun to see the quantum shaded by his strength.。
And Kaped a,It seems to have risen to the power of the power.,It’s worth me!
“I will pick you up.。”
After the emotion,Han Jiang grinned to the bud,Have a slow pride on your face,It is completely silent in the invitation of such strength to control this high.,I didn’t detect the inner changes of the buds.。
The buds are well-behaved low.,Some don’t dare to look at Hanjiang,At the same time it is a panic,She doesn’t know what she should do next.。
“Don’t be stunned.,We hurry back.,Don’t be sucked into the big hole later.。”
The spatial crack in the distance is like a eye.,Continuously release endless adsorption for the entire long-air market,It’s like a whole world.。
http://www.wet88.cn Under the influence of spatial crack,The rain begins to fall to the ground。

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