Previously taking into account the battle of the night,Triple tail column capture action,The organization also intends to delay until the last。

But the night is a biennium.,Tongli feels that the machine is not lost,So I immediately captured the four-tail column.。
The final result is that the ten hidden is dead.,Although I killed four generations of water,But there is no residual force to bring back the three tails。
Hearing what happened in these two years,Night is also sighing,Honestly said that there is no control.,Really do it quite good。
And now the sauce is dead,The big idea in the village is also normal.。
Look at the mounds of the mist,Several neunted faces,Because the return of this adult,Probably able to stop the chaos in the village in advance。
The village is not a person.,Those veces of the blood,There are a lot to eat in the hands of the night.。
In the face of the night,Sometimes, even more fear than facing the four generations of waterings.。
“If you can serve as a five-generation water shadow?,I must give my hands.。”
“Really,With the reputation of the night,It is fully qualified for the glow,And I believe he can lead the fog hidden village to the strongest。”
Although the night is not in the village of the village,,But the reputation is not covered.,Because he has established a Ninja School to the Savel,Canceling the proposal for the treatment of bloody,Let the fog hidden village benefits。
Whether it is in civilian ninja or a family ninja,Night 哉 has a lot of supporters。
And he itself as a disciple of three generations of water,?Plus the foggy, the elders, also like him.。
If you really want to be a spoile meaning,That is basically a problem of staples on the board.。
But very clear,Night is no idea for the glow。
Other temporary,He can’t stay in this world single single,Is a problem that cannot be solved。
Shadow of a village,It will cause a lot of impact on the village.,Not to mention the night, this kind of movement has lost a few years.。
At this point in the shadow building,Ethnic blood in the fog hidden village,Several elders of fog,There is also a big name of the country of Water.。
As for these people to gather here,Natural is because“Fifth generation”Position problem。
“film”The existence is essential for a riva,And now the foggy is chaos,There must be someone to come out to lead the overall situation.。
“I didn’t expect the fourth generation of shadows to have suffered unfortunately.,Then you call me here.,Human selection for the five generations of water,There should be a suitable candidate in your heart.。”
The fog hidden village has developed rapidly in the past few years.,What caused the country is also strong,Speaking in front of other four major countries,It is also hard and exhausted.。
The name of the country of this water heard the sailing,Also express quite regret,After all, the other party is really doing well.。
“Incredible,Big man,Four generations of water,Everyone in the seat is deeply regrettable,But now choose a new five-generation water shadow stability situation,Is the weight of the middle。”
The ghost light family of the ghost lights heard the words stood up and talk,And one of the large numbers in the village,The other party does have this speech。
I heard no one negates his statement.,The family of the ghost lights continues to say:“At the moment, it is the highest in the village.,It is a nationality、Glow night、And the water is not a month。
So my proposal is among the three families,Select the right candidate to endure the five generations of water。”
There is no problem with this ghost lamp.,But then Hui Night family also stood up and said:“In order to highlight fairness,We have decided not to participate in the glow,Leave the opportunity to give an excellent consecutive generation。”
When the glow night family is talking about this sentence,Others in the scene have seen the water sitting on the other side without the month.。
Can sit here,Basically is not a fool,Obviously they also found,Hui Night’s family and ghost lights have long passed away,It is necessary to remove the water in the month.。
The old man with the ghost light and the brilliant night is different.,The current raft of the water in the month, long water, long water, quiet, still quite quite young,Completely capable,Strive for this glow。
But now the other two eras become clearly expressed,As a family, they will not participate in competition,So what should I do if the water is not a month??
I have to know that the current water is in the month.,Young life,It is basically unable to follow the ghost lights and the glow night family group competition.。
This is, it is, it is a good two families before this.,Water, not a month。
I don’t want to be a hero.
Chapter 833 Night Sister, you can’t put it for me casually.
(Today is the first,There are still four in the afternoon.,I may also have five more tomorrow.╮( ̄▽ ̄““)╭
“no,This proposal is too unfair.,It is your own business that likes you to withdraw from the competition.,But you have no right to ask the night and quit competition.。
And the Ninja in the fog hidden village,There are also many Ninja with famous arrogance.,Whywhere?,You must choose in the three majorities.?”

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