Drink coffee,Controversy。

Just after a moment,The moon is condensed,“Mr. Zheng,I have made great concessions,Please come up with some sincerity??”
Negotiation,The moon is very easy to detect,The other party is exfolted by her。
The terms http://www.nygwwl.cn above the contract are too harsh.。
“Miss Miss,It seems that we can’t reach an agreement.。”
Zheng Shengxian is helpless,“Not as good as we have dinner first,Continue to negotiate,How do you see?”
“No need to talk。”
Moon does not want to continue to waste time,The tone is also very refuse,“I work with your company,This is the situation of the two profits,But Mr. Zheng is too high.。”
“Hehehe,Beautiful lady,This price is not high in our gorge.。”
Zheng Shengxian is awareness,I want to adjust the atmosphere,“I am talking about won.,Not USD,Not euro,The price is not high。”
Zheng Shengxian reveals a smile that is humorous,“Haha,Miss Miss,Do you still feel that the price is high?……Well,I am hungry in my stomach.,Not as good as we eat first?”
The moon is still slightly smashed,Look at each other,即 默 点 头,A strike,There is a waiter to come over now。
“Two steaks,Foie……”
She is very familiar http://www.0730cn.cnwith some food.,Eye goddess Zheng Shengxian。
“Give me two bottles of Bordeaux wine。”
“Good,Please wait a moment。”
The waiter is smiling.。
It’s just a more obvious that the moon face is even more obvious.。
“Miss Miss,Your Chinese people talk about business,Most of them are talking on the dinner table。”
Zheng Shengxian smiling,“And I have heard that I have to drink alcohol,Also drink a lot of wine,Since it comes to your country,Press your country’s rules,You will not mind.。”
The moon watched him deeply,“I didn’t expect Mr. Zheng to understand our Chinese customs.,Since this,Just say that Mr. Zheng said.。”
Say,Slight down。
Zheng Shengxian did not see the ridicule of the moon。
Under the command of the security guard,Liu Qingqing will stop the car。
After getting off,http://www.bigdress.cn She naturally took the summer arm,While talking,“This Western restaurant is very famous,And the environment is very good……”
Summer is listening,Frequent noddle。
In fact, it is a little embarrassment.。
He is aware of Liu Qingqing so long.,Don’t say it is a date,It is the opportunity to go shopping with the two people to eat.。
Nowadays, the summer mentality changes unconsciously.。
He has taken Liu Qingqing as a family.……Especially with her back home,This is a recognition。
Suddenly,The Liu Qingqing, who is talking, lightly,Demonstrate,“That car……”

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