She after Judd Shark flew into their own formation,Originally, I have a movement.。

At this moment,She saw that Casha was directly dizzy.,First reaction,Naturally, it will continue to control.。
She just tricks and flashes,Already gave a positive group battle,EvenQSkills are still in this timeCDIn。
But fortunately,herEAlways,So keep up control and output,Not a problem。
then,After this is clear,The knife is directly walking forward。
After arriving at enough distance,The knife girl has a new action directly。
Her body is suddenly treated,Then a fierce blade,Just after the body of Casa。
But not so,After this handle flying blade appears,Another flying blade is almost at the same time。 The appearance in front of Casa。
One front and two hands blade,Directly enclose the figure of the Cadaza.。
Next moment,The flying edge of the two hand is to start mutual effects,Two swords in the flying blade,It is rushed to each other after this.。
This is the role of this two hand blade,Two-phase connection,Among them,It will be dizzy directly on the spot.。
But everyone present is seen.,When the first handle flying appears in the field。
Above Casa’s body,But suddenly blooms a silver white halo。
This silver white gratin is so dazzling,It’s full of battlefields.。
Then,Casa is after this silver white halo,Directly from the control effect of the pig girl。
She next second,Into my ownESkill。
Casha’s body slightly,The hands are also directly extended behind them.,The wings behind them are also behind this,The bloom has made a glorious glory。 These movements,Casha’s mobile speed got a large amount of bonus。
The speed of moving has risen sharply,Casha is directly flying directly towards the two-handed blade of 90 degrees.。
then,The two handles are behind this.,Formally started。
finally,Even if the two handles are close to each other, it is a bit odd.。
But they still have not stopped Casa’s footsteps,Casha’s corner,Countless air。
Next second,Casha after leaving the first life and death crisis,Directly retreat directly。
However, the sister and pig girl are still poor.。
Pig sisters have basically lost the skills of chasing,This is a staples on a plate.。
But the knife,herQSkills have just been in this process,It’s going to slowly turn again.。
Next,As long as she continues to follow the footsteps of Casa,So wait until she ownQAfter the skill is improved,She can be close again.。
By the time,There are only about one-third of the blood volume.,It will definitely be chased directly by the knife.Adie。
Taking the knife sister in the Told Moon, one of the two attack distances,This matter is absolutely no exaggeration.。

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