“Lee brother,You will come back in three days.,Fast speed is enough!”

Three days?”
This time, Li Hui is wonderful.。
“Yup,You think a few days?”
“Forehead,I feel that it is one day.。”
Cui Yongan saw Li Hui’s surprise,It is also a laugh:“Forgot to tell you,It seems that there seems to be in the outside time.。”
“Then there is a sun with our solar sun.?”
This question is asked by Cui Yongan.。
But I am not sure,But in that, the speed of the time lapse is indeed three times the outside.。”
I used to have the wind and the wind doubted the Bermuda Triangle.,The places where the strange pits are pure people.。
It’s sudden feeling now.,Those http://www.shantaifoods.cn places should also have a place where you have a unique。
Think of the legendary cloud,If you really have this,Isn’t that Lei Yun floated three days??
And the man who cultivated thunder,It should be a breakthrough。
If you encounter each other again,His body mask may really can’t hold a few other bombings.。
“Guan Da Ge,Is it a powerful cultivator in the United States??”
That is a cultivator?”
I heard the question of Li Hui Feng,Guan Yun responded for the first time。
“Um,And not much than me。”
Guan Yun heard is not much weaker than Li,Stunned。
“I know that only white palace may be weak than you,It is a mysterious person.,Even the president of the United States must listen to people。”
“But see the situation you said,The other party has no reason to confront you.。”
“White palace?
I http://www.honghuibz.cn saw a castle.,And they seem to have discipline。”
Li Hui said that this is thinking that the purple hair used by the purple hair seems to be shared to two other people.。
Otherwise, he will not catch the other two.。
Guan Yun heard Li Hui Feng said,A serious way:“Lee brother,If it is a castle,I advise you to make it better to provoke.,Because people that are inside can not be in normal。”
“Divided into two big gangs in the country,One is a white palace,The other is the castle,Two gangs don’t score up,But the style of the two gangs is completely different.。”

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