Zhou Zhihe Nano occasionally inserted a sentence,It is also a group of time.,Like a receiving,During his music。

Only in the nuts and buns are holding chopsticks waiting,A very bad resistance,A very silent,There is also a common point that they all look at the kitchen direction.,A light and big aim,A quiet look。
“Who is stomach??”
“I heard it seems to be a bun.。”
“Nan Ge, I report!Baozi did not eat today at noon,Just waiting for this meal tonight!”
“I also report!I also saw it.!”
“Come with people!”
“I didn’t learn from you.,I really want to report it.,It was grabbed by you.!”
The buns are still silent.,Ignore them。
Fortunately, the things in the mutton soup are familiar.,A very fast,The rest is still talking to the http://www.wanwan998.cn side.,Enjoy the little gathering tonight,Grab this seemingly dull time。Only buns and 槐 序 不,Mildness。
But the difference between them quickly reflects it.。
Just ten minutes later
Bunzi found itself still wants to eat,But the stomach is already installed.,She has to let go of chopsticks,Very angry。
And the storm fighting power is still strong。
Get angry。
Bunzi drums his cheeks,Look at the meat in the pot,Sitting a moving。
Chapter 479 Poverty
Time temperature drop in evening,Have more cool。
The table is standard in the table is two bowls,A soup bowl,Soup for drinking soup,A dip disc,Meat。
Eight soup bowl shouted along the bowl,Blow a white smoke,A bit,Can be warm from the esophagus,It seems that the chill of the whole winter is dry.。That’s why Yizhou winter solstice loves to drink mutton soup.。
May also http://www.szsftbwphnvffu.cn be the reason for Chunming does not like to drink mutton soup。
Drink a long time to spit out a breath,Don’t care about the image,Eat a big meat,Have an extremely。
The coffee table of this store is not hit by yourself.,Is the owner of the store,This is the same as the mutton soup hall of Yancheng.。The taste is the same as the sour feet of the sauce and the Qing Dynasty.,Also in the standard of the geese mutton soup, the disc is almost,Mainly used as a rucoflite。
Although the practice and style of mutton soup,But the taste is still good。
Mutton is not awkward,This is the basic。
The u.Sepended in the store is more intense,Proportion of intestines and sheep,Wool liver is not,This store is the same。
In addition, sheep blood is very good.。
According to the wider oil master, sheep blood is the best in many blood http://www.sannianjiuban.cn products.,I don’t want to eat it.,Can’t eat。
Nange may eat。

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