ate,But did not eat completely……

Be full of body,The soul is still hungry。
Next day,night。
The group gathering is selected in a old hot pot restaurant.,Innocent,Puting Nan Ge’s infiniteness and good look on the future of probability。
Zhou Ziqi’s comparable personnel,槐,And sponsor of this meal,Boss。
Little flowers and Susujue are very polite,I arrived at the door of the store in advance.,Standing waiting for them,After the two sides gathered and greeted,Talked a few words,I will wait again.106Bedroom four people。
Xiaohua and Su Jian 低 低 低:“Good president,Mility sister is good,Thousands of teachers,Master’s sister……”
Nan Ge and cotton swab friendly response。
But the buns have done it.,Stick to Su Jian。
This sound……
It is not that they are trapped in Xi Shi Village.,Is the alarm phone transfer the second sound??The 腼腆 in the logging is also the same as。
Baozi stands in place,Instead, Su Ji was red by her.。
“How、How about my sister??”
Bunzi receiving,Whispered:“Suddenly remembered the morning test,I have a problem.……correct,My name is,The group is ruined to be changed.。”
I believe she is really because of the topic.,Because her character is like this,So that he said:“One question is wrong,What’s the big deal?”
Buns and shake their heads:“I am different from you.,That may be my only question.。”
The bun is silently aiming at her,no problem。
Also quietly aiming at the eye。
See the expression of Su Jian,Face or some red,Most of them think she is unhappy, he is called her last name.,The first half is just hidden。
Horizontally spendly in her answer。
It is Nang Ge, and there is no more thinking.,I also greeted everyone to take a dish.。
Zhou Zhi is slightly informed,He doesn’t know who is the small team of the photographic team that day.,But he knew that the little flower is often used as an operator.,Su Jian sometimes also passenger strings,So he walked over and observed the buns and Sujue with Yu Guang.,In my heart, guess。
Suddenly feel,A twisted head,槐 正 正 打 打 打 打 着 着,This old monster is interested in interest。
“Usually pretending to be innocent,In fact, the old man……”
Zhou Zhiye commented on the old monster。
Nan Ge greeted small flowers and Sujue,Let them first let go,I have finished passing and passing it to the buns and cotton swabs.,These three are welcome,So when the point menu is transmitted to the hand,The top has already hooked enough to eat and eat vegetables.。
Fortunately, people here are not normal.。
So Zhouzhi added a brother like the waist and small crispies,Several old monsters like lunch meat、Frozen,Add a tribute,Yes to give yourself。
The group shouted next to it.:“Point fish soup rice!Give a group of adults to some fish soup rice!”
Fish soup is not。
But the sponsor’s opinion is still listening。
So Zhouzhi took the pen to see,In consumption fish and killing yellow,Worn,And tell the group:“Wait for this to give a fish soup rice。”
The group will stop。

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