“Ha ha,Xia Migr is young。”

Du Hongjun immediately smiled enthusiastic,“Hey,We slowed down Xia Master,Don’t be seen。”
“right,Xia Master,At first glance, you will be true.。”
“……”These homes have lived for so long.,Where else。
Once it is determined,Attitude one hundred and eighty degree big turn。
Even if it is a Miao Wuling, I also arched.,Laugh,“Xia Master,Before I was talking and officer.,I am a temper.,Also ask Xia Master to don’t forget,Hahaha……”Toned,He is positively,“Xia Master,Do not say anything else,We all look at http://www.nesed6.cn the nine mother.,Although standby portal,But there is absolutely no other vicious thought。”
Summer laughs and not speak。
He doesn’t care about a few people’s attitude。
Maybe he doesn’t have these people’s age.,There are many things that can be experienced.。
“I am just a iron,Insufficient hanging teeth,If you have something,And the big headline business。”
Summer smiles to see the nine mother,“Big leader,I’m going back,Prepare a four-product defense big array。”
Nine mother’s eyes,So nodded,“Then trouble three heads.,correct,What materials need to be arranged in large arrays,Three heads may wish to say。”
Quite ahead。
Summer reveals a wiper appreciation,“good,Four products are too cumbersome,I really lack a lot of materials.。”
Miao Wuming and others have laughed。
they know,This time I am afraid to be bleeding.。
But there is no way。
And they can’t show any dissatisfaction。
Now make a good relationship,Maybe a four-piece case can be obtained in the future,More one of the life-saving means,Level battle is no longer a dream。
Just like,Handheld three big best short bow,Life forced to retreat。
Four products refinery,In any person,Belong to a legend。
NS3417chapter high tide
A four-product sclerman and a magist,It is enough to affect and change the results and balances of a forces。
This is not an exaggeration。
Take the summer,Miao Wucings and others returned to the main hall。
nothing to say,Nine Mother mastered all the initiative。
certainly,She is impossible to control the control of the array,But she won the highest command。
If the animal is coming,Wuzhai owner,I have to listen to her dispatcher.。
However, Miao Wuling and others also put forward a request.。
Sizhai horse,Must enter the hill where the summer is located。
http://www.jzdjzx.cn After discussing,The final decree。
for the rest of the time,Everyone’s personnel are batch、Ordered to enter the summer peak sitting in the summer。
Not only a combat staff,Also include all members of the four village asylum。
Taken the total forest,There are more than 100,000 people。

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