502with106Table,Boy is sitting on one side of girl sitting,其 乐。

Has been a pressed semester,I got a lot of lessons together.,Mutual copying、The exam is helping each other twice.,It is already familiar with the two bedrooms.。502Male classmates often express a relatively promotion in front of girls.,It’s also very open now.,Mutual jokes。
The hustle and hustle。
Mian and thousands of these two slapheld girls are usually very well,A Lunjia is a lady,But one has a bantade to support next to it.,I will instantly incarn my little girl。Some502Male classmates don’t dare to say that the yellow sections of the yellow sections come,I still have to drink,Chen Yang, this tattoo, the temper, did not dare to drink wine.。
Nan Ge is a female hooligan,Her follow class,Um,Indeed with Xiao Taimei is almost almost。
http://www.gycxmj.cn Under the influence of them,They have contributed a lot of drinks to the boss.,And it is asking for the thief before departure.,Ask you to drink at night without drinking,When he gets the answer from the week, he relaxed after answering.。
Nai Mei girl persuaded her own armor。
but502The contribution is obvious106Girls,Even if there is another bride。
In addition to everyone who is drinking from Nange:
Chang Xiaoxiang drank four bottles,Liu Zhengming drank two bottles of half,Chen Yang has drank a bottle。
This is still a super level.,Many times, I’m being drunk with a cotton swab.——Don’t drink,The little girl is a cup,They are all young,Where is it kind to raise fish??
Zhou only drinks half a cup,He is so good to think fish,And there is no shy feeling。
It’s too difficult to drink.。
A total of seven http://www.cunyiwifi.cn bottles and a half cup。
And thousands of people drink eight bottles and thousands of people,Even if this is not allowed、Always a small mouth,Also drink a bottle。
Here502Both people feel very faceless。
These two people are Chang Xiaoxiang and Liu Zhengming。
Chen Yang is already drunk……
And there is no such feeling,And you can’t understand their ideas。
Probably only those who feel that I can drink is a very gorgeous thing.,I will feel that I can’t drink it.?
Night temperature is cool。
Zhouzhi Station on the side of the road,Good business,Boss is very busy。
Baozi’s blush,Like a soft red apple,She is not thick,Drunk, some hot,A layer of thin sweat,The wind is cold and cool.。
Seeing no one is watching her,She secretly hit a pendulum,The expression is still calm。Then I saw it left and right.,A few seconds,She hopped small stepped to the west,And aimed at his head。
“I have to find that I am higher than you.?”
“Call brother。”
“Oh,Come, have you found it than you??”Baozi’s slightly raised,Directly straight through the head of the head。
“you have not。”
“As with you as much as you。”
“It’s only shorter http://www.gzballs.cn than you.。”

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