But I can’t get better!

After all this thing……
“You’re back?How things are going?”
Fang Deyun saw his son come back,Very happy。
Fang Yu slowly said。
“No way……Mr. Hu personally asked his assistant to pick you up。How did that happen?”
Fang Deyun speechless。
“This one,May have something to do with my judgment……Today I went to see the daughter of the Jiang Group,Her illness,It’s really ordinary qi deficiency,Just have some complications。
but,Other ancient doctors and doctors,Is not this evaluation!”
Fang Yu explained。
“son,Do not think too much……It’s indeed a good thing to be able to climb to other people’s http://www.js-stars.cn high branches。After all, you are now a famous doctor,Come back to the pharmacy to help!
Wait for your medical skills to be better,More people will come to you!
By the time,Finding a wife is not a problem!”
Fang http://www.hnsewingmachine.cn Deyun comforted。
“How can you say this to your son??Son this year26Years old……Don’t find a daughter-in-law to have children,I can’t take care of them when I am old!”
Pan Yulin despised。
“Son is not thirty yet……Not http://www.yuanpanshazhi.cn urgent!”

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