Clamor!A piece of。

Although there is no clear summer,But the meaning is obvious。
It is he just in the dark.。
at this time,A group of people rushed,It is the strong man of Tianshan Sword。
Just not arrive,It was blocked by the Ying Wang and the strong.。
“Shadow king,What do you mean。”
A old man wearing a gray robber is drinking。
Ying Wang smiled,“I am old, I am looking at it.,otherwise,You will die。”
“you……”“Give me to one side!”
Old man in the front step,Pointing at the nose of the old man,“Laozi is not in Tianshan School,Your guys are getting more and more interesting.,Sharing people have lost here,roll!”
The face of the old man becomes difficult to look,“Uncle……”This is in the eyes of the blue sea wind,Immediately changed color,I can only hide the heart of the heart with anger.,“summer,You are too arrogant.,Dare to smear me……It is your mother’s summer and nine.,I have to call a brother.……”“Why words,Come back,Send you to the way!”
Summer stepp,Shape rotation,Arm trend,Then the post is suddenly holding,The snake knife appeared in the palm。
Immediately by him, he went out.。
Cold light,The snake knife issued an extremely harsh wave under the waving.,Broken sounds come to the metal unique humming。
Knife,Plundered a stunning arc,It seems like a trajectory along some kind of mystery。
In addition to the vitality,In the summer, it will integrate spiritual and will.。
This is the so-called real skill!He finally be able to show。
A knife,Cannot stop,It seems to split this space。
All people’s sight,White,No other thing,Only a white light is full of pupils。
“what……”Blue Sea-style sword,Pick up,The gas machine is violently dried up.。
I have never thought about him in the summer.,It is full blow in the emergence of。
Have no return!Do not die!“Embarrassment!”
Sword,Metal vibrato is like a thunder, and。
Summer receipt,Turn away。
At the same time,“I have to explore this place now.,Your rules are constrained.,Who wants to topographic maps,Prepare paper pen,Come and contact me,Fifty-piece,do as promised。”
Behind,Blue sea stalls to the ground,Arm horizontal in half,The long sword is still in hand。
But he is as petrified.,Very big,Looking at the back of the summer,“You……Your mother is not good……”Not finished,His forehead suddenly shot a lot of blood。
Then the whole person is two and a half,Pour in both sides。
Although he blocked the summer full of a knife,But can’t stop the knife and knife,Have him a knife。
Arrogant,Kill one more!Silent side around。
A chill,It is the case of Ling Tianxia and Wang Tshangba,The pupil in the eyes also shrinks the most dangerous needle shape。
So many holes,Most people are‘Aura’Washed itself,And replaced the endorsement。
Although their strength is stronger。
But there is no more than summer.,Strong seems to have a bit。
Ling Tianxia and Wang Xiong tying each other,Everything is seen in the eyes of each other。

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