Three people are shocked,Slaidly turned around,When you look at the Qing people,Saudila,The upper and Elisa’s face is with a strong surprise。

“Qing Palace!”
The Qing Palace slowly came out from the background,His face has a touch of tiredness,Obviously protect the entire venue plus the auxiliary people to withdraw the evacuation of his unclear energy。
“you,Want to listen to a story??”Qingguang sighed,Come to the three people,Look at Elisa and Saudiola,“One paragraph about you,And three years ago?”
Heard this sentence,Elisa suddenly opened his eyes。
Space ladder outermost layer。
Here is actually too space.,The entire environment is completely the environment of the universe,But because of the role of the magic array,Let the characteristics of the internal part of the Ethomico,Gravity and oxygen still exist,Form a strange space。
Rayli Down Grod is difficult to stand up,Look at the magic array from yourself,Gently wipe the blood of the mouth, you have to be frozen.,Flashing a hint in your eyes。
“This is the thirty-eighth”Rayley mutter 小语,“Although it is the first time exposed to space,But this time I must succeed!”
“I must die this time.!”
With the girl with a slightly crazy scream,The magical array of the sky is once again bright,From the original lavender,Slowly change toward dazzling white。
At this moment,Rayley is slightly,Look back,A white monk dress,The height and the silver hair of the self-imitation, the woman is stationed behind her.,The green scorpion flashed in a lightweight。
“You are”
Academy of urban。
The earth is crazy,As three explosion bolts are destroyed,The whole Ethi Smero started crazy trembling,Countless glass is usually down from the sky,Many uncomfortable and dodge policemen were scratched from the glass rain from the sky。
“Full staff!”Yellow Quanchuan,All guards have been later,Avoid the scope of Enesi。
“How is it now??”Back to the temporary headquarters built by the policeman,Huang Quanchuan hurriedly asked the first spring to say,“Is the ignition success??”
“Ignition is indeed successful.,but”The brow of the first spring,Hands still tap the keyboard,Looking at the people in the heart。
“What’s wrong?”Sagitan and Suzi in the side are in a hurry,At the same time asked。
“The ignition is successful.,However, it is a problem with the Ethi Million.。”The first spring face is ugly looking at the computer,“The ignition started from the Ethomion,Can you get out of success?,After separation,It still has a very large possibility that will fall back to the earth.!”
“what?”Everyone heard this news,All shocked。
“What should I do??”Huang Quanchuan has also stayed,Asked the next consciousness。
“No way。”Have a good time for a while,The winding sound is slightly exhausted from the other,“I have calculated a lot of methods,Although the Moss Tero is successfully launched,But if there is no external intervention,There is probably 30% of the possibility of not falling or falling.。”
“30%”Hear this probability,Everyone is silent。
“now,We only have a miracle.。”Have a good time for a while,Yunchuki Yaoyi looked up,Look at the sky,Lightly。
“This is the end of this story。”Ethiya’s top,Qing Palace spit out the last word,Sigh,And other people,All stay。
after all,This ending is too horrible to hear。
“You said that I and she are actually a person.?”Saudila refers to the Alissa,Grown up,Unbelievable look at Qing Palace,“How can this be!”
“this”The upper strip is also skeptical to watch the Qing Palace.,“Not really?”
“it is true。”Qingguang sighed,Looking at the three people skeptical,One of the hearts of the heart。
The so-called story development has been completely played by him.,Qing Palace told everyone’s truth,That is, how the so-called miracle happened,At the end, Rayley used the Elisa manufacturing magic array.,But now it seems,Don’t believe。
be honest,Qing Palace does not want to see the scene that I have seen.,That is, Elisa and Saudiola have been re-integrated into a person.。
He always feels,Everyone is good,No one die,No one in hand,Miginal round ending,Alley。
Why is such a kind and beautiful,Girl who is persistent to pursue himself,To re-abandon yourself,And another person is integrated together??
For the dissatisfaction with this ending,Let the Qing Palace decided,True this truth。
After knowing the truth,The ending may be completely different,So what happens to the Qing Palace,but,He doesn’t want to follow the rules,Developed in the direction you know。
So he said the truth。
“But this”I even know that the upper strip of the magic is also forced.,“How can a person split into two people??and”Speaking of which,He stretched out the right hand touched the shoulders of Alissa,Doubtful look at Qing Palace。

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