Fortunately, I will force it.。

Although the summer is noticed,I didn’t ask more。
This time,He did not continue to conceal his origin。
He also will bring your own planet’s identity,Things to cross the continent and inform。
And put forward the doubts of pressing years for many years。
“Since Lin Yuyi is also your Yuanyuan,So your related memories should also be restored.。”
Left small fish,Flashing in the eyes,“At that time, memory was sealed.,I thought it was revision,In fact, it is not,It is a secret law of the second Yuan Shen Tong,Memory is naturally recovered,What do you want to know。”
Summer is not so confused,“So to say,After you return to the road text,I know that I am from the earth.,And you called Lin Yuyi at the time.,It seems to know me?”
Left small fish is surprised,“I don’t know.,After seeing you at the time,I have perceived the power of the road.,And you wear the pneumatics,Obviously the fairy,This shows that you can practice the pole,The people who have a pulse will be less.,I saw you at the time.,I certainly can’t help but want to guide you to the road to practice.。”
Summer eyebrows,“Is that right?”
After the end,He bowed slightly,Ambulous,A simple spanner on the thumb。
It is to respect the ring。
“right,That is this spray。”
Left little fish pointing,Eyelid,“At that time, this fairy will be by you.,So I conclude that you are absolutely suitable for practice。”
She is a gesture sigh,“Just I didn’t expect,This didn’t take the point of the 川 道 主 主。”
Summity always feels a bit wrong。 Where can I not?,I can’t say it for a while.。
I have to press these injective,Some other doubts。
“Later, I met the sacred king of the Holy King in Fuhai.,Named Yuan deficiency,I didn’t know his true identity at that time.,And he told me,I am trapped in the sea for many years,Need my help,And with a palace to compensate”Summer detailed this matter。
Last,“Later, I saw the Tiansheng Hao Wang Benzun.,Feel unsatisfactory,His branch,How can the Haihai be trapped?,Nowadays,More like him, I just found an excuse.,Send out those who can enhance my soul。
I have asked him.,But he did not inform me an answer.,I always feel,He seems to have known my existence.。”
Toned,Also,“Important,My last time is the real airline mainland,But the identity is a person named Wang Wei,By the person,I know me.,Since I am still me,So the original Wang Hao”Left small fish blinks,“so,You think that the king of you alternative,It is the branch of the Holy King.?
After all, he is also proficient in the second Yuan Shen Tong,Get one differentiate。”
“right,That’s it。”
Summer heart,“So I have this feeling.,He seems to be prepared very early.,It seems that I will always be trip.。”
Left small fish sighed,“I should know this thing.。”
Summer is not shocked。
“In fact, it is not so complicated.。”
Left small fish,It seems that I am thinking,“I accidentally learned a secret from the Lord.,Endless years ago,After the Lord’s Lord is falling,The remaining four mains have been trying to cultivate the second Qikawa owner.。”

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