Finally come to a transfer array in the mountains。

White light flashes,Everyone’s figure disappears。
Open your eyes again,They are already in a hall。
The hall is in a few soldiers who wear the skin.……These soldiers have even have a level。
Ten teams and those soldiers,Then left the summer three people.。
Outside the temple is a quiet slate road,Extension。
End of the road,It should be a main street。
There are not many pedestrians on the street.,The surrounding environment is slightly quiet。
Summer already knows this captain named Zhu Yun,He smiled and looked at the three.。
“If you want to go back to dig money,You can return to the mountain through this transfer array,correct,This transfer is free。”
Summer,“Dare to ask Zhu Seni,Fees transmitted to other star farms……”The man and a woman also focused on them.。
On the way,Summer also knows their name。
Men called Su Dalian,Women’s name Zhou Tianyin。
They come from a plane called the Guanchuanjie。
“The cost of the star field is very high.,But the flying helisher of the initial flying,Will have a discount,Each transfer is500God。”
this number,It seems not high。
Summer three people are not ignorant,Almost a moment, some ends。
“Zhu Premier,God is certainly difficult to earn it.?”
“It’s not difficult to say。”
Zhu Yuchun,“Let it go,We said。”
Three people nodded,Always go out along the slate road。
Summer is sinking,Ask,“Zhu Premier,I have heard it before.,In addition to patrolling the mountains,There is also a task responsible for receiving a flying。”
Paused,Also,“But we make money,Your forces you are, What can I get??”
NS3757chapter Twisted thinking
There is no wonder summer suspicious。
It is in his character.。
Never meditation to speculate with others。
They are three people into the flying pool,Great benefits。
And this ten people guide three people、Introduction, etc.。
Obviously pay the sale of this sale。
“Little brother,You don’t think it is much.。”
Zhu Yuchun once again vocabulated with the eyes,“to be exact,Real reason is no longer known,The central star field is in the ancient years,There is this tradition,after all,Down countless flying,Will hempitate central area,If the talent is excellent,We will do our best to retain,And will vigorously cultivate,certainly,This will not force,If it is not qualified,As long as you can earn leave money,Always leave。”
Toned,Swift,Laugh,“certainly,We as your attire,Due to the little brothers, you and Su brother,I have reached a standard,We will get some rewards。”
“Then we are about to leave,What is it for you??”
Zhu Yuchun laughs and not speak。
Summer has not continued inquiries,Psychic。
He concluded,The other party must hide。
There is no more useful information.。
Speech,Everyone has come to the main street.。
There are not many people on the main http://www.growthfull.cnstreet.,And not very prosperous。

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