Small white face,The old lady looks at you this time.。

No monster,It is the second dream of Miss Sun and Moon Masters to the summer.。
She is alone,Boldly,Speaker,Deeply have a brother to love and support。
But because of such character,Many non-discussion。
Especially recently,I don’t know who is rumor.,Saying that her second dream will definitely be a female man who can’t marry it.……I have been a bullion in my life.。
This rumor has passed out,Suddenly attracting large sorrows and strange eyes。
then,Second Miss developed a male plan,Decide for yourself……Open a bud。
certainly,If she is willing,I don’t know how many men rushed to the big lady whip and candles.。
Even those rich sons will also become like。
but,The second lady can’t see those people,Even if you dedicate yourself, you have to find a man who looks forward.。
This time,She has been wandering on the street……Looking for the goal of going。
This afternoon,Finally encounter a guy who is still satisfactory,And with observation,The more you look at it,I even have a feeling that I have never experienced.。
It can wait two hours in her tolerance.,About the other party,totally unexpected,The bastard not only touched his legs and feet,I have to find a chance to slip.。
This makes a few of the secrets of the secret to smile and smiles the belly.。
I now see the summer,Don’t grind your teeth.。
What makes her angry,This bastard has a woman with a woman.……Open house?
And the woman……It’s not a woman who is watching.。
For the second night of the strong……I can’t bear it。
Confused,I can’t hung up my face.。
But also know,Among them。
Now wave,There are two people to set up with Stellen to the past.,Strong anger,Overcast,“what happened!”
“Rare,Is such that……”
These people come,Severals have seen summer in the afternoon,There are two of them are the younger brother of Shilong.。
With mutual complaints and supplements,Jiang Feofeng’s face is getting more and more intensive,The eyes are getting more and more cold,Simulation can drop the venom。
Brother was abolished,He has to temporarily serve soft……Always angry,It’s easy to force the anger,Never suppress。
It is not how important Shirong,To revenge him,But Jiang Feofang wants to find a vent。
Evil door about summer,He didn’t listen to him.。
In his opinion,That is a dog。
“It is what he will hurt Aron.?”
Jiang Feofeng’s voice is full of thoroughness,Immediate cold and cold,“It seems that I will be a little too low.,Even some of the A cats and dogs also dare……”
His intention,Want to let your hand,Can say half,Refers to the environment。

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