On the American piano, step on the ice on the ice.,She suddenly stunned,Ice cubes under the foot don’t have a smooth coolness,It seems that it seems to be on a warm plush carpet.,Do not feel cold。

Gently bend over the waist,Menagin hits the ground with hand,Ice cold bones,Sure enough, Ice。
“Don’t try it.,How to say that it is a ice that is formed in the case of absolute zero。”Qing Palace,Can’t help but laugh,Crope the Meiqin,“My ability can not protect your hand,If the time is always in contact,Carefully frozen the hand.。”
“I will not only。”Meiqin’s face is suddenly red,A few steps away,Come to the side of the Qing Palace,Two people walk side by side,Soon, I came to the monster.。
The Qing Palace hit a referring,Ice breeze near the strange ship,Sea sprayed up,But not waiting to get close to Meiqin and Qing Palace,It is allocated into a piece of water http://www.szjiwjyybwlxjo.cn vapor,Disappear。
“Gone。”Looking at a big hole in the air of the ship,The face of the Qing Dynasty and Meiqin suddenly sink。
Driver driving this monster,Gone!
Sure enough, is it a magician??
“and many more”Meiqin eye tip,Directly see that there is something in the cabin,Two people hope,I don’t know which country is displayed inside.,The following is a four line number,The above numbers are reduced speed at a speed of one second.。
“This is a self-destructive device?”The palace pupil is shrinking,“Let’s leave here first.!”
At this time, the Qing Palace regrets yourself without a mobile phone.,That image is obviously the unique text of the magic side,If he takes it to the upper,Let him look at the Jon Steick.。
but,This time is obviously too late.。
Huge explosion sounds,Cover other almost every http://www.yelangedu.cn sound,The original ship is surrounded by the Qing Dynasty, the ice cream is broken.,The big sea that is suppressed for a long time roaring,Center for explosion,Fully bursting a water column up to more than ten meters from the sea,Running hairy,There are countless audiences that are brought into cold and rushing directly.,I can’t help but scream.,A chaotic scene。
Population,A tea red double horsetail girl has a sharp change。
“sister!”Population,Cruise,At the same time in the explosion,Normalin and the Qing Dynasty two people have no chance to escape from there.!
what happened?
Explosion point。
“call”Qing Palace is slightly tone,“Fortunately, hiding fast,Otherwise, it is fried in this thing.,Even if you don’t hurt, you have to get to the sea.。”
Qing Palace in this,Where is the namagin??
In the arms of the teenager,Tea girl’s face red like a red apple,There is a slight red skin with the skin of the girl.,Bring a touch of light,If the black child is here,She must experience the two days of prestige。
Excited is your own sister’s goddess,Desperate is this look because a boys are produced.。
The explosion of the explosion happened too much,In order to escape the explosion,The Qing Palace can only hold a beautiful piano from the sky.,At the same time, the absolute field is released.,Wrap two people in it,This is only a robbery。Fortunately, I launched in the Qing Dynasty.‘Position offset’Ability to cover the body shape of the two,Others have found that there will be someone at this time.。
but,Just,Meiqin didn’t have a murderer on the spot.?
but,at this time,Sister Chang Platak,The famous super electromagnet can also be fine.。
In order not to let Meiqin fall,The hands of the Qing Dynasty can only hold the beautiful piano waist.,But this also makes the body’s body unconsciously。
If it is usually,Meiqin is not too late,The problem is now
Both people are in swimsuit.!
Guess, I am going to fight against what.?Guess playing with chicken。
(This chapter is over)
NS272chapter The overseas restaurant is almost the level of the student canteen

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