“Oh,Your thing,Is there a look at the county??”Ye Ru knife heard his eyes and looked at Lin Feng Road.。

“Ye Ru knife,I don’t want to fight with your tongue.,Are you not claiming to fight Yuan??You dare to fight?”Lin Fengwen said that the Ye Ru knife。
“What capital do you have??”Ye Ru knife carrying the double hand:“How much is you?,Take it out。”
“3Wancha!”Just when Ye Ru knife sounded,The voice of Yunluo County。
“Yunluo County is also interested in participating in our battle?”Ye Ru’s mouth with a sneer:“The county is not afraid of losing the bottom.?”
“Ye Ru knife,This is the gods I have given to him.。”Yunluo’s main cold:“He lost,I have to bring a few decades in my house.。”
“it is good,it is good!”Ye Ru knife turned over and looked at the main one。
“Yunluo,Let’s gamble?I bet5Wan Shenshi。”Yunxiang County is also coming over:“I gamble, such as a knife。”
“Can!”Yunluo County is a little bit of silver teeth。
“Light,Can find me。”Yunbai-gun Lord looks at the look of Yunluo County Lord.:“Ye Ru knife,Don’t leave。”When I said here, my mouth took a brutal meaning.。
“Lin Feng,let’s start。”Ye Ru Knife is like a prey looks like Lin Feng Road.。
“Slowly。”Lin Feng laughed directly。
“how?Scared,Direct admission。”Ye Ru knife is acknowledged:“The province became idiot。”
Lin Feng did not pay attention to Ye Ru knife,And later to Yunluo County,He has emerged in a gas stream to wrap the Yunlujun main package.。
“Lin Standard!”Yun Luo Xiyou Wever:“What else is there?。”
“County,Add some gods!”Lin Feng smiled and said:“I have a finish grasp!”
NS1244chapter Giant gambling
“Enthusiasm?”Yunluo County Lonnien is slightly surprised to watch Lin Feng Road:“The gods on my body have only more than ten thousand items.http://www.hns2.cn。”
“Does the county are believed??”Lin Feng got a self-confidence。
“it is good,I will fill it again.3Wancha,If you lose,Know the consequences?”Yunluo-gun is dead, staring at Lin Feng Road。
“The county is safe,I will win。”Lin Feng said with a smile,He directly flows this air between talking.。
“Is it good??Start at the beginning,Yunluo。”The voice of Yunshi-gun is from the distance。
“I will fill it again.3Wancha。”Yunluo, laughing:“Cloud,Do you agree?If you disagree,I will not add it.。”
“Can!”The face of Yunbai-gun is a charming smile:“Yunluo,You have to think about it.,Really want to get a lot of money,I don’t know why you believe this kid.。”
Talking between clouds, the main eyes of Yunbai County scared, Lin Feng。
“You don’t have to ask this.,All right,Lin Feng,Don’t let the county disappointment。”Yunbai-gun is looking at Lin Feng Road。
“The http://www.zhongkehuayuan.cn county is safe,I will never let you down.。”Lin Feng haha, a smile, look at the left in the distance:“Brother,let us start。”
“Humph,With you, you don’t call my leaf brother.。”Ye Ru knife:“Boy,I advise you now.,Otherwise become idiot。”
“Oh,It’s not necessarily me that it is imagi.,Please。”Lin Feng smiled and said:“Let’s start directly.。”
Talking between Lin Feng directly rushed to powerful volatility,This powerful Yuan god fluctuate like a tide is like sweeping,With powerful rolling force。
“Unbearable force!”
Ye Ru knife snort,He also broke out powerful Yuan god fluctuations,This emotion is like a white lake water like a white lake.。
The sound of the knife sounds,Ye Ru’s moisture suddenly runs at high speed,With powerful cutting,Be unpredictable,Make the sunny,Tang Yingjun and others have a feeling of being cut.。
This powerful Yuan god fluctuate directly,Let the Buddha can cut the void,Direct cutting to Lin Feng’s Yuanshen。
This cut force takes devastating knife,Can destroy everything will and Yuan God。
“court death!”

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