“what business?”

Blue Xin is vigilant to watch Song Ni,She knows that Le Zhenxi is cautious,But by others, it is another thing.。
The woman of Song Ni is never look simple to the surface.。
She lets the ink seven check Song Ni,Song Nie has been left abroad,Back to Jiangyou half a year ago,Working http://www.pngd-sewing.cn in a cosmetics company。
“Of course, cooperation in cosmetics,Your product you have also used,Xi Xixi is going to invest my products before.,Now I am talking about the president of our company.?”
Song Kui is very calm,But still can hear a few points to show off。
“how about you,Want to tell me what?”
Know that she will not die,Blue Xin’s suret, listen to her,See what lotus can be spit out in her mouth.。
NS1822chapter Self-director
Song Ni looked around,Laugh:“Not suitable here,Not as good as we change place。”
Lan Xin nodded,Follow Song Ni。
Song Naughi seems very familiar to this,Take her along the back yard。
“Where are you going to take me??”
Blue Xin feels more http://www.zrzhe.cn and more。
Song Nik,“Don’t you dare??”
“Some people don’t dare,I am afraid that you are bad.。”
Lan Xin also didn’t joke with her,some things,She is really gambling.。
“Oh, you think more.。”
Song Nex looked back and looked at her.,Continue to walk forward。
Laughing,Let Lanthen are uncomfortable。
Obviously a very pure girl,So smile,Blue Xin feels a layer of chicken skin。
Take a while,Blue Xin received the phone of Lu Haozheng。
“Wife,How did you go so long??”
“I have encountered Miss Song,She wants to talk to me.,Let me go to a place with her?”
Blue Xin really。
Song Ni stopped,Looking at Blue Xin, called,A face is unhappy。
Lu Haicheng asked,Voice is very serious。
“Walking from the backyard。
”Blue Xin finished,Hang a phone。
“Not a small matter,Miss Lan Xin http://www.cfjrzc.cn uses to talk to Lu?”
Song Ni-language ridiculous,Like Blue Xin is a person who can’t get a wind。
“Lu Hao Cheng is my husband,I have no secret between him.。
Why can’t you say,I am very curious.,What do you want to say to me?,Bring me here。”
Blue Xin is so good to look at her。
Song Ni saw the private room behind him,The bottom design is suddenly,Farm open eyes looking at Blue Xin,Whisper:“You will know soon.。”
She wants to get Le Zhenxi,Less Less Lesson。
Blue Xin is a little ready to watch her。

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