This batch is now,Just like a fire,Detonation of two major forces of the island。Once the two major potentials,Other forces on the island must be stupid,At the time,Island is a beach。

And him,Can collect sufficient evidence in this boiling water!
危 危 说 说 说,But just to express your own determination.。
Sure enough, although Huo Minglang sinks his face because of the block of,But there is no sickness in the case.。
“All right。This matter is handed over to me.,You follow。This thing is solved,The back of the end is not late.。”
Say,Huo Minglang got up,Black people with a box out of the private room,Drive to the underground black market,halfway,Also called a lot of people under their hands.。
Step by step, a serious look at Yunqin,Yun Qin is uncomfortable blinking。
Exchanged secret,Xiao Qianzhi with Yunqin and the younger brother who reported to Huoxin went behind Huo Minglang。
Combining Yunqin’s plan for,Of course I know,so,In addition to need yourself‘Star’,When you have a face,Will come out to express your own‘madness’,Basically followed behind,Silent record,Collect various evidence。
Originally these work is a harmonious,but,After all, it is a flesh and blood.,With high-tech equipment,No matter which one is in contact‘Big 佬’Easy to be checked,Want to collect evidence,Difficulty。
Yunqin is different.,It is an electronic product,Some high-tech procedures are normal,Although the inspection program falls on her head,Stringent,but,Want to make a pass,It’s not difficult to Yu Qin。
then,These evil forces on the island‘Big 佬’Be preserved,I learned that I am actually lost in a intelligence person.,And one of the robots who have never placed in the eyes,That is a kind of sam。
368、The owner should help me charging.24
High intelligent robot‘Undercover’,Too much restriction,so,No one will enable high intelligent robots as undercover,Even is a high-intelligent robot that has already received citizenship。
have to say,This time, the assistant of Yunqin,Chong Secretary is really a big pressure。
Always come to the underground black city,Originally quiet and strange black,Already confused,That scene,Cooperate with large robbery scene。
Gun,Scream,This startup。
Huo Minglang broke through the nail·Fernil sets all kinds of defense lines,When it is in black market,Many people have lost。
“Damn!Nail·Is Ferrill??!”Huo Minglang hides behind the column,Face-gloomy low curse。
“Huo,Brothers on the warehouse,Goods are still in the warehouse,only,Nail·Ferril’s people are too much,Especially over the warehouse,The brothers can’t live fast.!”Huo Minglang’s psychedelic report。
“and,Brothers discover,In addition to the nail·Ferril,There are still a few unmetive forces,Probably,Also come to grab the goods!”
“what?!”Huo Minglang’s face is even more。
Used:“Huo,Today’s things are too clever,Will not”
The rest is not said,Ho Minglang knows,This is reminding him,Today’s will not be 危 危 故 为。
Huo Minglang gasped,Narrow。
“Say after this condition,First solve the things here first!”
The probe once again looked at the black city of the eye,Huo Minglang painful:“If necessary,Goods can be,Take the black city!”
“Yes!”Heart respectful answer,Tell。
After some steps of the Human Well, I have one step.,Proposing Huo Minglang:“Huo,Too many people,I have a proposal,Huo Ye can listen。”
Because this time exposes,Plus the question of the heart and abdomen,Huo Minglang has doubtedly,At this time, I have proposed it.,Suspected sinus。
“Yes?Tell me。”Huo Minglang is deeply staring in the danger,I want to find out evenly from the crisis.。
Relative to the risk of half a year,With your own for a dozen years and twenty years,Huo Minglang is certainly trusting the words of his heart.。
However,There is no shortage of dangerous faces.,The face is full of Huo Minglang.。

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