“Leader,Hongnong is Wei Guozhen Town,We will capture,It will greatly change Luoyang’s situation.,The whole chess is alive.。At the time,Retreat,Don’t be beautiful?”

Li Delin said excited。
Although the established goal is not Hongnong,But now this important city pool defense is empty,Is it not reasonable??
“If you attack the farmers,It seems that we have got a lot,In fact, it is more,There is no need for a little bit of interest,Award the original plan。
Maximum military order,Prepare the North to enter the king of the king。Over there,The enemy can no longer catch our whereabouts。”
Why do you want to leave??There are many roads there.,Easy to be ambushed,Gao Biyi is not stupid,Will you walk along the North River??
Really bad,Because the head of the army will be under the surveillance of the West Wei
This is not waiting for you to go to Yanguan,People have already prepared for you to come.
Only walking the small road,From the back,In order to achieve its unexpected effect,By the way, the level is occupied.,Block,Prevent the attacked。
if not like this,How can Gao Bi will streamline the army this time??
If you are a knife, you will be a flat.,He didn’t take 50,000 people dared to go out??
After the public will leave,Gao Bao,Zhou Tiger, who took the tiger mask, said:“Tomorrow,You are a pioneer,any questions?”
“Humph,You will wait to see it.。”
Zhou Tiger’s identity is now confidential,Name,He is replacing Zhang Yu as the captain of Gao Biyi。
Because of its strength,Kong http://www.fy12365.cn Wu is extraordinary,So nickname in the Shenmei army“Tiger head”。
Gao Biyi is basically there is no one to do his.,This guy is too big,Everyone who is fighting with him,Both wrist hurt,Don’t want to play a second time。
And this is really a lot of people.。
“okay,Go back。I have no prejudice to you.,Cold your identity,Just worry that Chen Ba is harming your home.。”
Zhou Tie tiger nodded,Rush,Gao Bo Yi stared at the map on the table.。
In case, Li Wei is not going.,What should I do if I want to go??
Northern Dynasty Survival Record
NS350chapter Dare to brush a sharp
Pingyang City is also called the West Weijun Dashus outside Baimacheng,Three army coach,One of the eight colors of the country,Look at the city,I looked at the three sides of the city.,Protected moat from the Weihe River,Shake your head sigh。http://www.hexiangly.cn
Tall,That battle did not work hard,Let the high performance bring a big bodies and prosperity.。Back to Pingyang City,This help people have a city rely on,Referior,Eruption of unparalleled courage and perseverance。
Anyway, Pingyang City is not short of water.,Grain grass is also sufficient。Those town army originally guarded,Field may not work,But keep the city wall or Money problem。
High performance is still stupid,He concentrates those Su Gujun,Aim“Firefighting team”。Where is the Wei Jun break through,He will let Baifu freshbed。
After a few figures,Li Wei is also a drumming at the moment.。
Equivalence consumption here,Is it worth worth it??The battle is now in a subtle balance。In order to concentrate on troops,Li Wei let Liang Shi Yan have withdrawn the surrounding of the dry wall.。
Pider and leadership http://www.chaigz.cn of Qi Jun Dynasty,Solver,Returned to Quwo City in the southeast,Head with Gao Gui Yan,Have the door to the hinterland of the North Qifu。
Self-acting,Already become a monarch,Siwei by the West Weijun,Internal and external traffic。
Although this is the case,But in turn,The solitary industry is still guarding the water。Northern aid soldiers in Jinyang do not know what the reason,Not outstanding。
Li Wei feels his back。
He is surrounded by high performance,In fact, I am also in the semi-surrounded by the North Qi forces.,The situation is very likely to reverse。

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