“I won’t say http://www.tongmingled.cn it out.!But if you want to revenge!I can listen to me.!Just,I also had a hatred with the so-called Zhou Ye.!”

“Niu Niu,What are you talking about??”
Dog egg feels that this child is not normal。
“This is a hundred years of ginseng,Do you know what price is worth it?!I believe,Hold it,Plus your ability!It’s enough to come to the mountains.!”
“Dongshan will start again?Do you want me to go to my second??That is to tell my dream.!”
Dog eggs think about the power of Zhou Ye,Close your eyes。
I only want to live well in this life.,Good life,Bring two children
Also, I have done it.
“Where is your things that you are not curious, is it??”
Dog’s eyes lit up,Bleak
“I know,You saved the son of Zhou Master。”
so,There is no too thick.
208chapter Opportunity
Niu Niu http://www.xinchudz.cn obviously,I didn’t expect him to know this.。
No one knows in the village,During the time, I hide a little doll.?
When will I leak a message??
Niu Niu has a moment of panic。
“I guess!My wife saw that my wife held a baby.!What happened before and after contact,Not difficulty!”
“rest assured,Others don’t know,You don’t have to be nervous!”
Dog eggs have not come back for a few days.,Also raise hurt!Just touch the things in the village,A little declined!
It may also be more things happening in Sujia.,The two children have fun again。
Dog eggs have mentioned a few words,Dog eggs are all in the heart.。
I heard the dog egg.,Niu Niu made a breath。
really,Everything is a flaw,It is impossible to have no harm。
So to protect your family,Still want to make it strong。
“uncle,You know,Gentleman http://www.njspwl.cn avenge,Ten years old!ten years,Do you have a little confidence in yourself??”
Niu Niu is hard to reward the topic,She thinks this is a good opportunity。
Dog egg is a bridge that opens yourself with the world other than the village.!
“Niu Niu,Don’t say!This is not a matter of confidence!Zhou Jia him is not”
“never mind,I told you a little doll.!Things don’t think so easy!Uncle knows you smart,But many things you still don’t understand!”
Dog eggs,Obviously I don’t want to say this.,
He has not known that the Niu Niu is a big man or a child.。
Child,Just now, it is not a general child to say.
Dog eggs can only think that Niu Niu is Baohui in his heart.,Better than the general child。
“Take someone to take it back well,This is not something that can be played.!Key moments can save people’s life?!”
Dog eggs still insist that it is a Niu Niu to take the people and play it out.,Who will give such a valuable thing to a doll,Also carry。
He will not do this about itself.。

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