“Why do you want to practice??”

“Control,Don’t break too much。”Nan Ge said,“I have broken every year.。”
“This way.。”
Be in class,Sports committee on Zhou Zi-shizhou,A face praying expression:“How is your long run??This man is three thousand meters, our class has to report two,Only Chen Yang is……He tells me that you are often running.。”
“Report one。”
Talking about it here,Zhou Zhi is really bad。
He feels that these classes can be difficult http://www.xkobld.cn to do,I turned my head to Nan Ge:“Fortunately, you didn’t choose a sports committee.……”
Nan Ge cut,Don’t think。
This monster is not too cold.
Chapter 111 I have to make money.
Color Games, two years,The first half of the school year is the hospital sports meeting,The next half of the school is the school sports meeting。
Now is the first half of the school year。
So since the end of the National Day,The school ushered in the high birthday of the sports meeting.,It seems that I opened the sports meeting last week is the College of Economics.。Zhou Zhihe and Nan Ge went to commercial street to eat,I can always see many people,Sometimes staying in the dormitory can also hear the sound from the big speaker.,There is still a scream.,Cheerful,Very noisy。
I heard that Chang Xiaoxiang also pulled Liu Zhengming to the sports field unilaterally visited the girls of the Economics.,It’s very vivid to describe it.。
At the same time, according to the stalk,These days are very calm,This shows that Yin Le has not been found.。
I want to come to this reason is also quite complex.。
Zhouzhi in the dormitory write operation。
槐 is sitting in his bed,Explore the body,歪 头 头 本 本 本 本 下,It seems that he can understand the same。
Outer sun burning,Comparison seems to be a cold in the dormitory,I don’t care about the class in the class.,I have been brought a small difference by Nan Ge.,I have a lot of lessons,So many questions must be done。
Who said the university does not write homework??
never mind,She can’t afford。
Zhouzhi long sighs。
The top of the head is coming back:“Call you to listen to class is not serious!I let you learn, you don’t listen.!”
Zhou Zhihun aimed him。
槐 立 马:“I can not bother you.!Not only did not bother you,I also often pulled a lot of money.,Clean obstacles on your learning road!”
After finishing, he http://www.aqmprs.cn sighed:“But still useless!”
Zhouzhi ignored him。
But the old monster still speaks for yourself.:“You have fallen……”
At this moment,Zhouzhi mobile phone rang。
Show on the screen‘Hu Yimin’Three words。
Zhou Sir,Looking up at the eyes,Then pick up the phone to go on the balcony,Line connected。
“Xiaoxiai Master?”Huxing’s voice。
“it’s me。”

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