Kamilla stayed,Chest and urgency,It’s completely surrered by the summer.。
But she also knows,Summer said facts。
Today’s Huaxia is not more than that year.,Already rising,It is a super big country without a little moiety.!
“it is good,Since you want to gamble,That gambles 5 million euros!”
Voice is just,Field internally quiet,Everyone is somewhat 愣。
Obvious,They didn’t expect,Kamilla is really true。
“You dare not gamble?”Kamila pace provocative,“Or,Do http://www.snc815.cn you have money and gamble?。”
“I have got!”
Speaking is not summer。
Instead, Wen Wen from the fencing room rushed。His hands holding a helmet,Loudly,“Kamilla,If you win,Five million me pay!”
NS657chapter This is no white.
Fall into the voice。
The eyes of the brush brush are concentrated on the Wenye。
These people don’t care about it.,Five million euros,For them,Not a big number。
They are surprised by the attitude of Wenwen。
Always,Wen Wen and Camilla are not dealt,Can’t talk about enemies,But it is also in the eyes of each other.。
The two don’t have less gambling,Unfortunately, the Well-Win Winner。
So later,Wen Wen has some hair in Kamilla,Therefore, it also becomes a laughter in the circle.。
But at this moment, the attitude of Wen Wen is still surprising.。
He seems to be very http://www.5xunmi.cn confident about the Chinese people?
one way or another,Everyone knows,This is a good show.。
“Hehehehe,Wen,You are really a good knight。”
Kamira laughs,The sound is filled with satariness,Also with a trace of anger,“it is good,In this case,That start.。”
“and many more。”
At this time,Summer received the helmet of the dimension,Smile,“Since you want to gamble,Then why don’t we gamble?,There are too few euros in one game.,How about this,We calculate,A minute of five http://www.yjhsuji.cn million euros。”
There are some people who are in the scene.,Turn it back。
One point of five million euros,One-year-old,That is 75 million euros!
So much money,No people can get it。
Although the vast majority of people here are family wealth,Background,But more than 70 million euros,For them, it is also a huge sum.。

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