“Night,Next, there may be a little pain,But I will thank me later.!”

Switch the No. 18 in the upper and lower positions with night,The hands suddenly in the back of the night.,Crouching the pinkness of the hands in the hands。
“and many more,In fact, I have no regrets.,As long as you can win, you will win.”
The voice of the night is echoing in the air,Feel the spicy pain from the back,Night is re-rushed to the ring by the 18th, the anti-Qigong wave.。
As for the cause of the forbidden flight,I finally became a meteor to get off.,Eventually, it was transmitted to the seventh universe.。
Reply to the night on the platform,Look at the air entering white heat,Can’t help but also laugh。
Since I want him to win,And sacrificed yourself to give him a chance.,Then he naturally wants to respond to the expectation of the other party.。
Aerial Sun Wukong is now“Alert”Perfect state,Black hair is completely mixed into silver white。
Although due to physical strength,How much is the strength of the comfort,But the status of Ji Lian is also good。
The General Assembly just started,Although Ji Lian has improved a lot of strength through meditation,But the war afterwards,Every intensity is far more imagination。
And because the night is again involved in the battle,In an instant, the last straw of the dead camel。
Everyone is now almost reached the extent of oil.,Whoever wins, who is not surprising。
The battle under the moment has not been related to strength.,It is completely to see who is more powerful.。
In the original plot,The last white Wukong was turned over by Jilian,但是现在加上一个夜哉,这种情况显然不可能发生。
但是现在的情况跟之前可不一样,大家the power of本来就都快耗尽了,村正的这一次诅咒爆发,更是彻底的将吉连给榨得一干二净了。
However, it is defeated.,Although the whole king looks on the surface and good,But will not cancel the punishment of the eleventh universe because Ji Lian’s outstanding。
And the night is like this,I watched my strength is not http://www.finnspace.cn weak.,Even more than your own Ji Lian,There is no resistance to disappearing in front of themselves。
How strong is the specific strength of the entire king,No one can know,But just like Bi Rus,The other party obviously did not look so good to see it.。
And the seventh universe of super dragon balls,Naturally I have gained a wish。
After the big godman’s tag,Super Shenlong appeared,Pure golden body,Calculating a number of gear sizes,The size of a planet is not in front of him.。
And after winning the consent of Sun Wukong with the 17th,Night, also said that the great gods said hope“Power conference”The wish of disappearing universe recovery。
And the super god dragon is silent after a meeting,I have nodded and said no problem.,From here, you can see it.,Salama, manufactured super god dragon,Its existence should not be http://www.planetflower.cn lower than the full kingdom。
Shot of the universe,Said that the recovery is restored,It can be seen that the levels of the two sides should be different.。
And when those who have been eliminated before,Announced in the original place again,And see huge super god dragon,What happened there?。
Come of the seventh universe,No deceived them,The other party really uses a valuable wish,Let them be resurrected。
And it is still in the case where the universe is nail on the spot in the field.,The other party actually chooses to reunite them with morality.。
Such a chest,Obviously make everyone present quite pre-feet,And other unanual universe before,Under the fourth universe with the tenth universe,I also express my gratitude to the seventh universe.。
Chapter 935 The 18th is ready to see the parents.
The power conference is over,The final victory is the seventh universe,As for the universe that was eliminated by the whole king,Because of“Super Dragon Ball”的力量,Accreditation。

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