“Aming brother,Why don’t you come back??”

She has just been estimated,I heard the doorbell rang.。
“Aming brother。”
She smiled and jumped off the sofa to open the door.。
“Aming brother,You’re back。”
I heard her excited and happy figure standing at the door.,I hurt my heart.。
And An Ke see is Blue Xin.,Some inexplicable disappointment。
http://www.yesdance.cn But I think I want to see her.,She is also happy to laugh at Blue Xin:“Blue Xin Miss,I still want to see you this evening.,I will go back to Amin after three days.cCountry。”
Blue Xin looked at her happy face,Always not bear to say。
“Miss An Can,I will take you to a place.。”
“OK,But Aming said that he came back to pick me up.,Would you like me first to call him a call?。”
Blue Xin’s throat is uncomfortable,But let yourself keep a smile:“Need not,Miss An Can,Let’s go where,Amin is also。”
“Oh!Then you will wait.,I go to wear a jacket。”
An Ke smiled and turned,Sound is expected。
Blue Xin keeps a smiling face instant。
A Cheng’s tone is very dignified,Let her feel very afraid。
soon,Anless wears a jacket,Carrying a black leather backpack,Laughing profits。
“Blue Xin Miss,let’s go。”
“Um,Call http://www.qeqts.cn me Blue Xin you can。”
Blue Xin looked at her。
“it is good,Then I am welcome.,Blue Xin, you call me anything.,We will also become a good friend.。”
“Yes,I heard about it,You and Amin have identified love relationships,We will also become a good friend.。”
“hehe……”Laughing laughs,“I really like the feeling with you.。”
Blue Xin looked at her happiness,Very sad。
All the way,An Ke has been talking to Blue Xin, said in the past few days, she and Su Shengming have progressed.。
There are some experiences that she goes to the blind date.,I have already regarded her as a good friend.。
Blue Xin also likes her sincerity very much.。
Blue,Suddenly I feel that she and the Amin have a fate。
An Ke hit her at the time,Amin went to the hospital to see her,She was hit by Amin on the ground,I am afraid that it http://www.hzxhr.cn is that hit.,I have repeated sparks between the two.。
In this floating world,Sometimes the fate is so wonderful。
Go to the hospital,Enter the elevator,Blue Xin’s face has also gains。
An Ke suddenly brought to the hospital,That gentle and friendly looks at Blue Xin,Floating the meaning of exploration,The unfortunate feeling is coming back.。
“Blue Xin,Why do you bring me??
In fact, before you didn’t go to me.,My heart has been very uneasy.。”
Blue Xin listen this,The wind is calm in the eyes of the wind.,There is really feeling between people who love people.。
Amin has an accident,She also felt uneasiness。
But now I have to tell her about this cruel fact.,Blue Xin suddenly taking her hand,Looking at her seriously,“Safe,Amin has an accident,Now is rescue。

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