“Because you are coming to participate in death competition。”

“What!?Death!”Qi Rui, of course, knowing death is black!,In many countries are illegal,But in the United States,India,Philippine,Thailand and other countries can still see。
“Two Japanese people participating in this battle,They are all in the Qingyuan Xiangxue,Very strong force,Maybe these two people can help you?。”
“Qingyuan Xiangxue!?She is still alive!”
“She is indeed,And the body is still very good.。”
“Trough!Small Japan is longevity.!”
“The skill you learned is still,Not only that,The knowledge of modern mastery is also,You still let them adapt to this era.!”
At this time, everyone wakes up.,Qi Rui, did not wait for them questions,Say:“Don’t ask anything,Now I will go to the street with me.!”
“sharp!This dress is too difficult.!This arm,The thigh is coming all.!”Wrapped with a towel, said his own Fu Yingxue,
“Ha ha,Let’s take a look at the outside of the beach.。”
“my God,How people here are light!?”Tie Tiecheng saw a surprisee woman in bikini on the beach,
“What light,Modern people are relatively open,Let it go!You will soon adapt soon.!”
Rui Rui takes them mainly to buy laptops and mobile phones,You must adapt to the modern world as soon as possible,The most important ritual wants them to see TV dramas themselves,Zheng Yao first is to see a kite,Let him see how much pain he has to bear after staying.。
Pool Tiecheng and Su Wenqian are naturally aiming,Especially let the jellyfish look at how many wrong things he did.,Also let Su Wenqian look at it if you are not taking education,What will he become?。
For seven days,Rui Rui tends to use mobile phones、Computer Internet,Modern electrical appliances,Fu Ying Xue and Zhuang Xiaoman also adapted to modern clothes.,But too exposed clothes, they still don’t dare to wear。
“Nine brother,You said that our company is still?”
“Foreign countries are still,And now you have made a multinational company。”
“People I go to the company now know me??”
“These arrangements in four or five years,You can inherit the company with Zhuang Xiaoman’s future people.,These files are in the Swiss Bank,The money you have depressed and the ticket has been brought in the bag.。”
“That is really good!”
“Big brother,We have already signed up!”Song Jian said,
“Newspaper name?”These days have also checked the Philippines’ black boxing market.,And let Song Jian and Tang Rui to sign up for entries,
“Um!Newspaper name,There is a game tomorrow.!”
NS850chapter Now the strength of the motherland
Cooperate does not participate in death,It is because he studied the current situation of World Black Boxing in these days and masters and distributions.,There is no top box in the Philippines,I don’t need him to go out at all.。
Death is a true unchargeable grade fighting,In addition to not use weapons,Participants can hit their opponents in any way,The more cruel way is more encouraged。
Because this kind of black market is underground,And have a relatively complete gambling,So there is often a high prize.,But the mortality is quite high.。
Song Jian and Tang Rui have been said to be from the dead bile.,They will all be the simplest and directly practical murderous murder,No half a flower shelf,So they participated in death and covarily not worried.。
After these days of investigation,Rui also understood why the system let himself participate in the black market competition,The purpose is to meet two Japanese people,They are all in the Qingyuan Xiangxue,Japanese blood sexy group of top killer。
Surprise, Sushenqian, a little understanding of modern technology:“Nine brother,Their information can actually find it from the computer.!There are also photos and other details!”
Laughter:“These pages are not seen.,I am the archive of the blood of the blood.。”
“Black into the meaning?”Fu Ying Xue asked,
“That is to use some very means to enter their repository stored in your computer.,People who have such technologies in modern times are often referred to as hackers,It is said that some thieves enter their treasure gallery.。”
“Is this kind of person??”Song Jian asked,
“Big brother,You are really awkward.!”
Laughing, smiling, didn’t talk,Not him,But the system is helping。

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