A group finally entered the inn。

Branches don’t queue the arrangement in the inn,Listen to Xie Wei Road:“I think,That He Gongzi is the teacher,Be unusual。”
Branches look at him,“Why do you see?”
Thank you.,Conscientiously:“I feel that He Gongzi is watching the sister’s eyes.,Just like it is said in the words.——”
“Xie Shi。”
Xiao Jo’s voice insertion,It’s not a risk that people are scared.。
阮 眼 神 惊 地 地 地。
Xiao Yue face faint,Looklled from 竹,It seems that it is by the way.,Soon moving。
He looked at Xie Wei,If you say it, it is cold and ruthless.:“Your gather is not very proficiency,Can you practice it??”
As a soil:“……what?”
Fifteenth chapter
Xie Wei has been scared to drift.。
He said to Yan Zhi,In fact, there is a selfish:竹 错 约,If there is a better good edge,He naturally wants to help the boost。
Who knows Xiao Jie suddenly appears,And also said that the spirit is a matter of fact.!
Xie Yanyi:“practice、practice、practice、Practiced。”
The whole person shakes the leaves in the autumn wind,It’s almost a little bit of light wind in the house.。
Xiao Jo:“……”
“You are calm。”
Xiao Yu tries to let his tons to listen to comparative and good,Although he knows that herself is not moderate,“I can teach you from by you.。”
Xie Wei:“it is good、it is good、it is good、OK。”
Xiao Jo:“……”
Xie Yuthers tremble,看 看 枝:“师 姐、want、Do you want、one、come together。”
枝 听 岍 巴 结 巴 结 巴,I have to talk.。
Although she doesn’t understand Xie Wei, I am afraid of Xiao Yao.,But in this case, Xie Yu is not directly refused to escape.,The heart should be a bit thinking with a bit of learning.,The performance of his flying boat is still in the eye.。
Thinking,枝 应 应:“Okay。”
Nothing is doing。
Xiao Jie also read her。
Yan Zhi asked:“Xiao Shi brother,Can you mind that I am a look??”
Xiao Yao’s finger abdomen is on the afternoon sword.,The face is the waves of the vegetarian。
His feeling is very strange。
I saw Xie Yu with branches in the previous second.,Accessible heart;Next second, 枝, talk to himself,The mind is inexplicable.。
This change is extremely fine,Even he himself is all in the emotional lifetime.,It can’t clearly。

Beginning to thank the gathering spirit,Xiao Yao did not wait for the curved curved bend around.。
Because Xie Yu him really——The foundation is too bad。

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