Li Hui Feng now feels very rich here.,Especially the spiritual power is full of hard work.。

I even feel that I can break through as long as I don’t use it here.。
The most important thing is that the Lingshi here is completely able to exploit it and throw it into the space.,Waiting after layout,Those who can use these spiritual stones to fill。
I can even portray some big array。
I heard Li Hui’s words,The other party is also a glimpse.。
Especially the young man holding a Tang knife,The brow is not frowning.。
At this time, it is not a fool that is really two brushes.。
“Boy,Let you go out and hurry out,Otherwise, it will be suffering.。”
What kind of bitterness can be bitter than feed?”
Li Hui said this,Directly continue the kind of iron, then slammed into the wall。
The sound of instant vibration is spread throughout the underground cave。
This scene makes youth direct face cold。
“court death。”
The other party is simply a knife。
Li Hui Feng also feeling the other party’s killing,He didn’t think that the other party would be so fruit.。
Peng Li moved directly into the body,Publish the other party in an instant。
Youth saw Li Hui’s whitewater,Some incredible。
Only those old demon monsters in his cognition are likely to have Li Hui’s strength behind him.。
And those people are generally the protective gods of Zongmen.。
But I didn’t expect that he will encounter one today.。
“Who are you??”
After the blow is flying,Youth is already a little daren,He knows that Li Hui’s people like this, it is easy to lift him.。
Especially the substance of the casing,But let him not dare to be underestimated.。
“Hey-hey,I should ask you this question.?
Which master are you??
Your door will not send you alone.?
Li Hui, I want to know more about the knowledge of the martial art.。
He doesn’t want to know about the martial art of Jiang Tai.。
Although Jiang Taichang said some,But those who seem to be in his eyes are not counting.。
What do he want to know is what is the true martial art?。
Youth heard the question of Li Hui Feng,The pupil is also a contract。
If he still doubts that Li Focus is not a person.,So now Li Anti-style has been distinguished.。
“Humph,I am from Tang Xuemen,I don’t know which door is。”
“I advise you a sentence,These spiritual stones here are we discovered first.,If you know, you will hurry.,Don’t let two martial arts cail because you alone。”
Li Huihe heard this,I am interested in watching youth。
Some ridiculous laughs:“Do you not feel a problem??
Do you know which master I am??”
Youth is so questioning,Shake the shakehead:“have no idea。”

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