“Be right,She is a five-poison door。”

“At the beginning, pay the five poisonmen,Your dark night assassin is also involved.?”
Shen Xuan’s words,Let Huang Zhuoyun have nothing to say。
If it is very common,Huang Zhuoyun can also say two sentences.,Five-poison door,Everyone gets it。
But now,Huang Zhuoyun has more discovered,This,No matter how he said,Always feel,It seems like suddenly what is stuck.。
Treat these,Huang Zhuoyuan’s conscious look at the eyes,The whole person burns in anger:“Don’t say so much nonsense with him.,Give me up,kill him!”
The words of Huang Zhuoyun said,It is even more excited to surround those people.。
and,Since I have said this now.,So what should I start starting from what?。
Surrounding the people of Night Assassin,I also see this.。
After all, everything is now,It’s all the dark night assassin.。
so now,anyway,They are prior,What you need,Just at all costs,Also have to kill Shen Xuan。
at this point,It is inevitable thing to go.。
And it is also incorporated in these people.,I plan to take Shen Xuan.。
As for Shen Xuan?,Then look at the front of the eye。
What else is temporarily doing?,It’s here,Shen Xuan is, the more you look, the more you feel funny.。
“very good,This is a bit mean.。”
“but now,Other things are temporarily doing so much.。”
Shen Xuan said,The darts in your hand are already there。
Look at these people,Shen Xuan’s face is full of confidence。
Snowy,It is more rapidly than before.。
Snowy looked at the eyes,It is even more than I have to say it.。
“Shen Xuan,What are you grinding here??”
“Now,Not to do it?”
Xueli finished,Shen Xuan’s darts,Fly out quickly。
Chapter 234, you think,I’m just kidding
I thought I thought about Huang Zhuoyun.,Shen Xuan looks,Also。
But with Shen Xuan shot at that moment,Wan Zhuoyun did not care。
In now,Crushing crush,Do not leave。
And Shen Xuan,Don’t you,Instead, continue to come here.。
Shen Xuan walked,Then I don’t forget to talk directly to my eyes.。

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