Almost at the same time, a dramatic collision came.,Tianyu seems to have shaken,The third arrow is hit by the dark big hand.,Arrow collapse,The dark big hand still carries the power of destroying the earth.。
It’s like the same air.,Three horrible swords light do not have any signs in front of the life and death emperor,Directly kill three major powers to life and death。
“Burning Yuan God!”
Life and death emperor,Directly burst,The breath on him is like a gods.,Transfer terrible sounds,The figure directly broke。
“Lin Feng you,Give me waiting!”The sound of life and death of the emperor came from the void of the distance,With unimaginable grievances。
“Good speed!”
The figure of Lin Feng in the void,Lin Feng frowned,I am sneak at the umbrella of Nether this time.,I actually let the life and death emperor escape.,And also add the East Yin。
“The speed of burning vitality is very fast。”At this time, I walked out of the chaotic figure.,Yeah chaotic hands holding chaotic swords。
“But time is now,Otherwise we are dangerous。”The figure of Bei Yanyang has also gone out,The eyes are deeply jealous。
The figure of the Oriental Yin is also walking down.,Faint road:“Defining the god bow,This person’s speed is faster than we are present.。”
“Defelief。”Lin Feng looked at the three people:“This time I thank three to help,North Yinyang,The president of Sichuan is starting from today’s midday.,This midnight,Bo Si’an will not intervene。”
“it is good!”
Bei Yanyang ignorant:“The Empire of the Empire, the Taishan League will not shoot!”
“Flaw!”Yeah chaos suddenly smiled and took a hand:“Lin brother,I really can’t think of it.,The president of Sichuan is yours,Really open eyes,Lin brother means against the sky。”
“Humph!”Dongfang Yinnan wanted,Watching cold。
“Jade,you misunderstood,The president of Sichuan is more suitable for her development.。”Lin Feng smiled and said:“So the president of Sichuan is planning to go to the Sairy,Today,The people of these midnight moon will be in the picture with her and life and death.,Exchange benefits。”
“Ha ha,Such organizations are indeed not suitable for。”Bei Yanyang laughs:“it is good,Since this,Wholly,Jade,Go to Taishan to drink two glasses。”
“it is good!”Yeah chaotic laughing。
“We don’t bother three.。”Bei Yanyang smiled and looked at Lin Feng Road:“Old three,We walked。”He talks between his figure and disappears in the sky.。
“Tell the brother,Oriental,Sichuan President,Do not,Lady。”Harbi, half-joke, Harbin, has disappeared。
NS994chapter Life and death
“Do not send。”Lin Fenglang:“Two fun。”I don’t know why,This is a cold in the air,Let Lin Feng can’t help but make a cold。
Lin Feng turned over to Dongfang Yin,Oriental donkey,I can’t see her look.。
“Vacuum nuclear technology is given to me!”Oriental Inspiration,It’s like a cold ice.,Evil on the body,Shocked。
Lin Feng looked at Dongfang Yin deep breathing a gap:“Can give you,But how to give you?Is it directly to your expert?Or take the drawings to you?”
“Give me a drawing.。”Dongfang Yixing double-handed Lin Feng Road。
“it is good,Waiting for me,Let’s go to Bozi,。”Lin Feng looked at Dongfang Yin laughing:“Follow me to go to Jianao Island。”
“it is good!”Oriental, cold。
Lin Feng heard a little bit,Immediately turned around to the side of Sichuan Luo Sakura,Sichuan Luo Sakura is showing a soft smile:“Brother-in-law,You can take it directly to bring things directly.,I have a few words in the midnight.。”
Lin Fengnhen immediately walked into the Jianao Island。
The masters of the Midnight Military Waraday, such as the Eastern Bank, looked at this scene, no one dared to block,After all, the people are Herkwei’s forest president.。
“Old old,I started to unload the midnight moon beads.。”Sichuan Luo Yakowei looks at the east of Yanlong Road:“No longer intervene anything to midnight。”
“Sichuan President,Can’t。”Eastern Biyan Dragon face reveals a charming smile:“You can’t throw midnight moonbellings.。”
“Yes,Sichuan President,You are the leader of my midnight。”
“Sichuan President,You are the most implied leader of our midnight!”

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