Take all the shields cut off,There is also the adventurers who hold the shield shield。

Night looked at the hand,The village who just cut out the wind,He seems to start understanding the real function of the system。
Maybe draw card,Always not system real ability。
Use card,And use familiarity,Make hosts,Turn your ability and skills into your own,It is the truly intention of the system.。
Means of,The function of the system is not to create“hero”,But in the cultivation of heroes。
Cut out“Royal sword”Night,Quite a pair of cheerful feelings。
This is also his first time.,But relying on myself,Strength gains greatly improve。
“Aso”Card except“Royal sword”Think,Other physical additions,For the current night,,Already available。
Means of,Take out“Sword”Card,Even if there is no upgrade“Hero level”in the case of,A card slot is separated.!
But the opportunity to draw the card before,Are you exhausted by night,Used to strengthen the snow。
And now is not considered these,It’s time to end this farce.。
Defense heavy professional occupation,Dedicated by a knife, a knife,Finally, there are only dozens of magical professionals.。
What to play here,Now the fool can see the night stability win coupon.。
Because he will not leave again.,Time of those magical profession。
“no solution anymore,Although it has not been completely completed,But now the sword is on string,Have to send it.。
Even if the power will drop 30%,But now I can only spend a price,Conduct a fast archery。”
Magic occupation,One person opening suggests。
If they burning life,It is possible to speed up the completion of magic.,Although the power will drop,But now I can’t manage so much.。
If they have lost,Those gods,I will not give them a good face.。
And if you are lucky enough,Good things are naturally less。
Because of their space,Death is only to take it.。
Then the burning life is actually no harmful elegance.,Others naturally have no reason。
Magicians who gathered together,The magic of the body suddenly skyrocket,Singing speed in the mouth,Also become very fast。
A high temperature fireball with nearly 100 meters in a diameter,Aerial in the horn,Gradually fallen。
This is dozens of levels“v2”The above magic occupation,Great magic。
Long-term singing,Most of them consume most of their magic,This fireball has the power of matching。
Although the relationship is insufficient after the time,Power has dropped,But it is quite amazing now.。
Big bulging slow down,It’s like a small sun is falling.。
Horrible high temperature,Even the night of the night,Make the air slightly low temperature,I have risen here.。
Originally disappointed gods,See this scene,Suddenly cheerful。
Fight to now,Even how the child is strong,Continuous high-intensity battle,The physical strength and magic of it consumes huge。
They don’t believe,Today’s night,It also has the ability to block this fallen super huge fireball.。
“Rivia,Fenn,Do you think that kid is a win??”
Rocky bite his finger,Looking at the two best children asking。
But whether it is Fenne or Rivia,Everything shook his head, I don’t know.。
“Even if I am in full state,Facing the magic of such specifications,It is also weak。”

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