“Small red,What’s happening here?”

Huang Yue scratched,See Su Yuhong。
Others have also seen it.,Some indiscriminate。
And blue sky,It is said:“I want to say,The header should think about what method to deal with Li Jiahe Zhoujia。”
“only,Is the Baise Branch not a place for Li Jia??”
Su Yuhong smiled slightly,I didn’t expect her before.。
but now,Blue sky war。
Su Yuhong is obviously thought of,Why is this all?。
See here,Su Yuhong said directly。
“Look,Head lead should have a trump card,You can deal with the Barawak。”
“In short, no matter how,Take a look at the past,Know。”
Su Yuhong’s words,Let others be jumped to try。
Well said,Wait, you can look at it.。
at this point,Uninoup。
“it is good,Wait for us,This big thing,Must have to participate。”
Huang Yumi, I am very active.,Be here。
But Su Yuhong smiled:“You can’t go,Head tailored,Only me and people can!”
Chapter 134,It’s you
When I left Wang Tinghao,I don’t know what the reason is,Shen Xuan felt a kind of unresolved meaning。
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Although there is a distance from a distance,But it was still Shen Xuan.。
Think here,Shen Xuan around。
quickly,Shen Xuan can determine these people.。
“It’s them?”
Shen Xuan was still pondering,Who on earth is it。
but,After waiting for Shen Xuan to see,Shen Xuan suddenly laughed。
If it is another person,Maybe you still need to worry。
But in front of him,Don’t say worry。
Instead, let Shen Xuan feel,Also。
Because in short ago,Shen Xuan just placed them。
“It’s you.,How come back again?”
Shen Xuan’s words,It seems to be a heavy hammer,狠 here。
Even Li Liang,Whole person’s heart,It’s even more。
Just now,For Li Liang,It is also a matter of attention.。

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