Then it is slowly sucking a turbidity,I spit out from my chest.。

“Can you get off work quickly?……In this one。”
Chapter 17 Who is surrounded?
The coarse purple columnar strip is constantly moving outward,Mucus and stripping also caught in the mouth and the tail from its mouth。
WEAThree people in the five people stand in Longkeng,Continuously output Baron。
Other two are standing outside the Longkeng,Output Dalong from time to time,While being blindIGYFive people。
AllIGYLineup,The emperor has a bounce in the ball.,WEAI don’t dare to make big。
IGYIt is five people to open the station.,Distributed in a scattered station in the river。
It seems that this big dragon is too low on both sides.,5v5if,Dalong is robbed is too big。
But the two teams have maintained tacit understanding.,Not starting the group in the first time。
It seems that I am waiting for the other party.,I will catch each other’s mistakes.。
And the two teams,Naturally also in printing in the standing position。
wheneverIGYPeople want to explore forward,Occupy when occupying a better geographic location,WEAPeople will come out from the Longkeng,Never letIGYMan Yue Lei Pool half a step。
And this time,IGYThe person will always deliberately reveal a little unfamiliar flaw.,Want to seduceWEAPeople coming up。
butWEAJust like a goddess that pulling skills full level,You step back,I will keep up with the fart.。
Instead, after a delicate,Just returning to your own territory。
Under the two teams,Dalong’s blood is also slowly falling slowly。
When Dalong’s blood is lowered4000Instant,Wu Gui’s emperor seems to be still still pressed.。
Shout,“Give me the ball sleeve。”Later,Just rush down by Longkeng。
The helmet of Demasia is shining with golden light,As the battle flag is plugged into the entrance to Longkeng,The long gun in your hand also fierce。
EQTwo consecutive,The emperor’s movie moves to Longkeng mouth,Then a hair of the three people。
Great trick【instruction:Shock wave】Also shot。
But as blind is released toward the Cundra outside the circleWAfter the skill,Originally in the emperor,Directly out of the terrain that is skillful。
Means of,Combination skills of the emperor and the magic spirit,It’s just to open the two people.。
Looking at the two people with residual blood in the dragon,No longer hesitate,IGYOn orders, the monarch war, and the monarchy,Prepare the battlefield to make up damage to the battlefield in Dulongkeng。
andWEAShanghongno three people,It is in a moment,Just an idea from my heart。
CutIGYofADCnight Hunter,This wave of groups will win!
One time,In the field, it was a battlefield that formed two wins.。
One isIGYShang Zhongye three people ready to dieWEALower road double group,And the other is just right。
Do not say,This scene has some extraordinary funny,Completely opposite to the nervous atmosphere of the original sword。
The audience under the stage looked at this battle,Some people can’t help but direct“Hen”A laugh。
The two people in the face have some strong smiles on their faces.,Even if they already have a better explanation。
But such a wonderful and harmonious group battle scene,They are also the first time to see。
A easier atmosphere than the auditorium,IGYRest room,Atmosphere is a dignified。
Wang Hai’s gaze is staring at the screen,There is no special change in expressions.,It’s still a face that I don’t think too much.。
But familiar with his players are very clear,Coaches are now very angry……very angry!
Before this wave of team,The coach’s sitting posture is very relaxed,I can even see a cozy taste from him.。
SinceIGYSeveral people walked to Dulongkeng,The coach’s emotions have become tightly touched by the naked eye.。

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