Even if he is in time,But inertial still let him,Erminerable flying towards the night of the night。

Night 狰狞 狰狞 smile,Standing in the same place。
“Flying 剑 龙 龙 flash!”A few silver-colored knives,At the same time bloom in the bloom。
Because the blister is also a protective,So he didn’t kill the hand.,If you accidentally, you will not die.。
I have been watching the war in the night.,Originally she thought it would be helpful.,I didn’t expect nights to go back against the sky.,Actually rely on swordstemics,It is suppressed in the body.。
At this time, she saw the serious injury.,I want to see the situation of each other in the past.,But was stopped by the night.。
“Don’t,He is swindling,Although the spirit of his body is weak,But there is no point where you can’t fight.。”
Chapter 264 See also freehand black moon!
Night words,Let the night stunned,Then she quickly perceived a blind-white spiritual pressure.。
Indeed, if you said,Dummy,Although there is no previous,But still more than a guard。
I really have just just swordsmanship,It’s too amazing,So let night judgment error。
The normal person will take a trick on the front of it.,It should be standing。
Normal people have no need to eat such a trick,It is really difficult to stand up。But don’t forget,Dark white is not ordinary people,His essence is a virtual。
Even if you have a night“kill”Such injury bonus skills,I don’t dare to say it myself.,He can let the blinks can’t stand down.。
really,Next moment,The blind is slowly climbed up.,Horror knife who just chest,Also in a while“Rising”White fog rises,Start fast healing。
“Overspeed,It seems that you can also get started again.,It should not be hacked you。”
Night looked at the injury of flying flying on the white body,Emotional envy,He also wants such a goddene.。
Village“Begin”Similarly have similar capabilities,But there are too many,Far less than“Overspeed”awesome。
“Attempt!”I have a broken white tongue,He just really wants to swindle,Take advantage of the night,Give his head to a knife。
But it is obvious that the latter is too vigilant.,Not at all,Let the blush。
“Overspeed”It’s really bad,But it is not completely limited。
As one of the ability to high virtual,“High-speed regeneration”Anti-day effect,Also consume a lot of spiritual pressure。
His spiritual pressure is not so strong,It is because from the beginning,He has been injured。
Opposite the born,Using not much spiritual pressure,But I have been pressing him.,This makes it quite uncomfortable.。
He knows that he has the same memory with a guard,The state at this time,Not optimal at all。
In addition to keeping the beginning,Even sealing the push-pressure headband,Not removed。
And single relying on swordsmanship,Just suppress yourself。
I can’t see a protective,I think the other party is a dish.,But I have been robbing this body control.。
But now I feel white,He seems to be more than a protective dish.,Has been hungry。
We blame the slag,I haven’t mastered it for so long.,Harm my strength has been restricted。
Duman now is quite depressed,He has“Overspeed”,But no ovate,In this way,Pressure early evening will consume。
He is weak,Can only choose to cooperate with,Confreshing the knife knife。
Because he didn’t choose,A guard, if it is smashed by the moon,Then the next one is weak.。
Originally he wanted to wait for the moon to kill a guard,Then I take my own body,Defading the month to complete the solution。
This hides a body,Completed practice,Don’t be too perfect。
But imagination is very beautiful,But realistic is very bone,I didn’t think so,He just appeared,I have encountered a guy who can hit him.。
Pressure like this,After the month, I killed the slag.,Iron is a weak yourself.。
I am very powerful when I arrived.,Can you play a month?,Both unknown。
Looking at the no-injured night,Made a decision。
It’s better to die.,Stay in a green hill,Not afraid of non-material burning。

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