The gorge pioneer was then placed in the middle,Middle Road is also directly removed after this。

Subsequent,It is a tower on the road。
These two defensive tower,Are arriving at the game time14Demolition before the minute。
Be equal to,IGIt is a ten-story coating that has been full of two defensive tower.。
Subsequent,After dismantling the middle road,IGAlso caught the blind 僧 in the wild。
Mogana is accurateQSkills hit blind,IGOthers are also followed by output,Directly kill blind。
then,IGEveryone is fighting the little dragon,The second wind dragon that is refreshed。
16Minute3Two towers,Directly is taken by the skate-shoe。
Almost at the same time,IGThe rest four people,It is directlyRNGMiddle Road Ergua Pulling。
Hereed……RNGDevelopment space is further compressed。
18minute,IGCome to the road to advance,at this timeRNGOn the road, the second tower still still exists.。
In the following,A wave of walking position,Directly by Sindra partQEPush the ball。
Drazy,The fire cannon is directly killed。
IGIt is like a broken bambooRNGUpper Road Tower,Then it directlyRNGHighland。
RNGHesitative,It seems that a pair still wants to continue the tower.。
butIG,I haven’t given them too hesitant opportunities.。
Schindra directly a transient ball,Retain Gario。
then,Sierras uses yourself stolen Ryz tricks,Directly drivingRNGRear way of everyone。
RNGRide,Have to force a group。
but……In the main output has been second,In the case of the weak output of the front team。
RNGHow can it be,I have been working in the current lineup.,And develop more than theyIG。
This wave group battle,IGI have played a wave directly.0Change4Raise,DirectlyRNGUpper line highland tower。
but……BecauseADCAnd you have been bloody,And the fire cannon has resurrected。
so,IGNot further intended,But under the command of Liu Qingsong,Decisive, the end。
then,Field21minute,Article 3 Refreshing XiaolongIGTake。
And this little dragon attribute,Then it is a wind。
Brush three wind,This is indeed a relatively rare situation.。
can only say,IGThis is not very good.。
Subsequent,21Minute45second,IGEveryone came directly to Dalong Pit Kaido。
but,Everyone here,RefersIGWild auxiliaryADThree people。

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