Because the princess of the iron fan is slightly higher than that,So the cow fragrance quickly became unencrew,The hair is distributed, there are many wolves.。

Original match is not original,The little three is not a small three,This fight has no reason,Do you have to say anyone?,Can only be a monkey。
Not Gansu defeated,Especially in the big marriage,Niu Xiangxiang first grabbed the block,The princess of the iron fan rushed。
Next second,Hurricane swept。
After the dust,Niu Xiangxiang disrespects,Only the iron fan princess is put away from the banana fan,Calculate the long hair of scattered。
Liao Jie:one`′one
It is a mother,The means is really high,In order to make the monkey can’t sleep,Directly to fight for the excuse。
“Montenegro,When would you still see when?”
“finish watching,This is walking。”
“Wait a minute,come here,I have something to find you.。”Iron fan princess slightly,Liao Jie, shouted to pass through this place。
“Lady,no,What is the command??”
Liao Jie is rushing through the wall,Come to the princess of the iron fan:“If it is a match with groom officials,I have explained very clear before.,Everything is misunderstood,Niu Ge, Yin Yujie,I didn’t dare to shoot outside.。”
“Humph,You are so biliary,That stinky cattle makes you disaster,You really dare to move his little。”Tie fan princess。
“Big,what are you saying,I do not understand。”
“No matter what you don’t understand,The cattle home as long as I have the princess of my iron fan in one day.,But I said,Understand?”
“This is nature,Just crackers used practical actions to show his family brothers,Who is a cattle home?,The younger brother is not a person who doesn’t know,Nature。”
“it is good,You are a sensible monster。”
Iron fan princess satisfies some heads,Backward:“Sodium is not,There is also an idea,You and him are close,If there is any wind blowing grass,Remember to inform me。”
“This is not very good.?”
“Humph,do not worry,Less you less than your benefit。”
Tie fan princess is laughing:“As long as you notify where,Regardless of the smell of Niu Na,I have guarantee that they will be sent to your house.。”
“Big,The younger brother is willing to look forward to the big horse,Wherever there is no complaint。”
Liao Jie is awkward,Society in this abortion,Like the princess of the iron fan, the big Buddha heart is really not much.,if it is possible,Only ask more benefits。
Prelude,The tribune is not the most concerned thing.:“in addition,About that stinky monkey,I doubt that he is not good for the cow.,You also stare at me.,Reporting to me in time。”
“Big,I think so too,Not,just”
Liao Jutton,Tangled:“It is difficult to say,Implement is that I have a mistake.,Banquet,Monkey stares at your back.,Vitality,Breaking,Quite unbearable。”
“This is true?”
Iron fan princess heart,She knows,Monkey is still a small sweet,Snown is the best evidence。
“Uh,Big,You seem to be not angry?”
“no,I am angry。”Tie fan princess laughs。

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