As soon as the restaurant’s food arrives,Xiao Xiao started eating openly,Xia Jian hasn’t forgotten Xiao Xiao’s mother upstairs。They were eating and drinking downstairs,I’m afraid it’s not good for the elderly!

“dawn!Your mother is still upstairs,You can get her up!”Xia Jian knows that surname will cause trouble,He didn’t bring his last name at all,By name,This makes it more affectionate。
Xiao Xiao hesitated,I have a little bit of each dish,And then arrived upstairs。After she comes down,Everyone just started eating。Three glasses of wine,There are more words invisible。
“dawn!Your little town in Melanz doesn’t look big,But the water inside is deep。If it wasn’t for being misunderstood,We can’t bother you tonight”Xia Jian said and smiled,Raised the wine glass and touched Xiao Lan。
Xiao Xiao smiled and said:“Stop talking nonsense,But you are very right to live here,No matter how they make noise outside,They dare not come in this village”
There are already a thousand glasses of wine,Don’t be speculative。But Xiao Xiao don’t know why,Not much alcohol,Very few words,This made Xia Jian couldn’t help but wonder,Is she Mei Tong?If you don’t see Xiao Xiao himself,Then they came for nothing this time。
But people insist that they are Xiao Xiao,Mei Tong now hides abroad and can’t come back。Logically reason,There is nothing wrong with this,But Xiao Xiao’s coldness or hotness made Xia Jian suspicious。what should I do?He can’t say you are not Xiao Xiao, right!
Xi Zhen and Han Juan kept toasting Xiao Xiao,But this woman has a cold look,It seems harder to get her to drink more alcohol。The dishes on the table are getting cold,It’s really meaningless to drink like this,So Xia Jian smiled and said:“All right!It’s late,Everyone should rest early!”
Xia Jian’s words,Of course Xi Zhen and Han Juan have nothing to say,They helped clean up the table,So they both went back to their house。Xia Jian back in the room,Looking at the pendulum clock hanging on the wall,He couldn’t sleep for a long time。
No way,Have to talk to her,I can’t believe her when she says that!Xia Jian stood up with an idea。He opened the door quietly,Touched the second floor。
The lights are still on in Xiao Xiao’s room,A ray of light came from under the crack of the door。Xia Jiangang walked to the door,I heard Xiao Xiao say in the room:“No need to knock,Door open,You come in directly!”
Xia Jianyi listen,Can’t help but be surprised,It seems that you really understand。He gently opened the door and walked in,I closed the door again。
Xiao Xiao wore a pajamas,Lean on the head of the bed,Her long black hair,Messed up on the face。She saw Xia Jian came in,Just got up,Shake his head,Showing her pretty face。
“I know you will come up,Otherwise you’re not Xia Jian”Xiao Xiao said,Got out of bed。She took out another white bottle from the cabinet on the floor,Then find two paper cups and a bag of peanuts。
Xia Jian has a look,Laughed out loud:“how!Let’s drink for a while?”
“You drank so little just now,It’s not your amount at all。Come to me all the way,I take your thoughts,But if you can’t even drink alcohol,Then I’m too unkind”Xiao Xiao said,Open the bottle,Pour two full paper cups of white wine,It seems that she really wants to accompany Xia Jian well。

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