Finally waited for the villagers to finish,Xia Jian and the others ran out of the house,This is the chance to stand in the yard and take a breath,Almost suffocated people just now。

“Oh my god!You see the land is wasteland,Once rent,It became a baby bump。If i guess right,That’s the price,There must still be people who don’t want to sign”Zhao Hong took a long breath and said。
Village Chief Chen smiled and said:“There are more people like this,But these people who didn’t sign at the beginning,Seeing that most people in the village have signed,Will follow。The same as your village chief Zhao said,All wasteland,I can’t plant it myself,Why don’t you keep it?”
“you’re right,Some village jobs,You have to do your best。How to do,You should know。Because the first one in these five villages is here。You must understand the Tao ideals,Therefore, there must be no such thing as letting the villagers do anything wrong”Ouyang Hong said to the village chief Chen seriously。
Chief Chen nodded,No more words。Xia Jian thought for a while and asked Village Chief Chen:“Is there any free space in your village,Project start,I am going to build a village committee for you,Of course,Bring in our project management office”
“You mean to come out of the village,You come to build a house?”Mr. Chen,Asked excitedly。
Xia Jian smiled and said:“What i mean”
“Some places are,You can also choose,These are common areas in the village,The villagers of Gai Village Committee have nothing to say”Chief Chen patted his chest and promised。
Xia Jian glanced at his watch,I found it was almost twelve o’clock,He immediately said to Chief Chen:“Hurry up to elect a villager representative,Also organize your village committee staff,Tomorrow we will be working under this walnut tree in your house”
“Ok,Don’t go,My wife will go home in a while,Cook and eat at my house”Mr. Chen politely retained。
Xia Jian declined the kindness of Village Chief Chen,Let Xi Zhen drive the car,Arrived home before eating。Sun Yuejuan saw that Xia Jian had brought Xiao Hei,This makes their old couple happy。
This little black has been to Xia Jian’s house before,Xia Zecheng loves it very much。Xiao Hei also feels like he is back home,Jumping up and down happy。
While Xia Jian was eating,Xia Zecheng took Xiao Hei and went to the bay in the village。Sun Yuejuan smiled and said to her son:“Let’s take care of this little black at home temporarily!Anyway, your dad is fine now,It’s good to take it out for a stroll”

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