But somehow,This makes me sad。

A nice girl,Even her name is unknown,Just sleep。
No wonder Jin Minjun and the other juniors left without fighting spirit,There is obviously more spirited spirits between them、smug,Laughter along the way,In the end, he could only hold the cold body,Immersed in thinking of her、In pain,What tortured them most was the self-blame!
“Ugh,I arrived at their stronghold,Saved a few women,I asked them where they live,I told them I am an official,They beg me to give them a relief……That’s Huangquan Road,It’s a ghost gate,They would rather go,I don’t want to stay in this world for a while。”Zheng Yu looks dim,Slowly narrate this to Zhu Minglang。
Just an understatement,Dao exhausted Zheng Yu’s inner shock and anger at the time。
Zhu Minglang glanced at the broken bones,The gangster who is being tortured with broken bones,At this time, he also understood why Zheng Yu had to capture them alive and still do it。
It’s anyone who has some humanity,Will be so!
Such a comparison,Sister Yang died at least in her sleep,Never felt pain and fear,Not tortured,There is no better than death。
“Good luck brother。”
“Brother Zheng is also sad。”
Lian Chengzhu used all the words of thanks,I also tried every means to keep Zhu Minglang and Zheng Yu behind,But neither Zhu Minglang nor Zheng Yu meant to stay here too long。
Everything is done,But I feel a little heavy,The two of them knew they wanted this world to be stable,Responsible,Tired heart tired,Still have to continue on the road。
Riding a horse gifted by Liancheng Lord,The two followed the official road to the next upstream city。

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